Harder (feat. Rick Ross)

Harder (feat. Rick Ross) Lyrics Yo Gotti feat. Rick Ross

Album: Live From the Kitchen

[Verse 1:]
Ok the beat go hard but I go harder
I can die a drug dealer but I'm smarter
Pair of forgiato rims I could of brought a charger
But them bitches make the Lambo' look a little more harder
King of my city North Memphis we like Harlem
Blood gang Crips too we gon eat regardless
See me on the news yeah I beat em charges
All they do is runnin gunnin and a dodgin
Blood shed my niggas in the fed my nigga Poochie died
I can't let nuthin slide
Ridgecrest where I reside Ridgecrest where I provide
Young niggas with them choppas cause I know they gonna ride
Fuck if I die today I went to church I pay my taxes
I leave my son a couple million dollars so I did alright
Harder ain't no nigga in this streets that built like me sold bricks like me
Mexico took trips like me
Texaco ain't nothin but gas if I was u nigga down my past
I don't break bread with no fuck niggas I'm a real nigga I was built to last

Harder harder I'm harder harder harder I'm harder
Harder harder I'm harder
In the kitchen I whip it harder
Top drop ridin harder
Harder harder I'm harder harder harder I'm harder
In the kitchen I Whip it harder
Real nigga I live harder
Harder harder I'm harder

[Verse 2:]
The streets go hard but I go harder
I know what Diddy meant mo money mo fucking problems
I know Young Money like I'm Dwayne Carter
Live my life a real nigga if I died tomorrow
I'm harder met a bitch in a mazda
Put the bitch in the range rover
Cause she suck dick till tomorrow
Head for 24 hours 24 brick of powder
24s on my Panamera 50k on the chandelier
House look like a castle bitch white like alaska
Got extra money sold all white on my space shit nasa
Pulled off in that 'rari took off like I'm nasa
Nigga playin dem games with me she'll fuck you if you ask her
She smarter better yet she harder better yet you pussy
That why them bitches charge ya


[Verse 3: Rick Ross]
Gold on my wrist just like I got on my wall
I'm going so hard I know I got more than y'all
Got the Beamer the Bentley triple-black Mercedes-Benz
Got me 5 million cash and time to get it again
From Reebok to Ciroc came a long way from them blocks
Baby girl all wet cause shit I'm dripping in rocks
Licking shots at you pussies my stocks done shot through the roof
As I shoot for the stars I'm shootin buying a coup
I know I won't live forever but stacking up like I will
I know you niggas ain't real but I fuck ya up like ya is
48 laws 36 O's 57S all black tip-toe'in
26 inch rims chrome mac 11 doing right so hard but I pray I get to heaven, Lord


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