Cold Blood

Cold Blood Lyrics Yo Gotti feat. J. Cole & Canei Finch

[Hook: Canei Finch]
Started from the ground
Building to the sky now
Watch it fall down
How you gon’ survive now?
Yeah, it’s cold blood in a nigga
The streets left no love in a nigga

[Verse 1: Yo Gotti]
If I could paint a picture, I'd show an image of a dog-headed nigga
Yeah, a raw-ass nigga...
Poppin' pain killers, prayin' for the call
Four dogs with them pistols - n-n-natural born killers
He sold crack to his mother, turned his back on his brothers
Killed his partner for the plug, he think everything a hustle
Cold motherfucker... homes numb, black heart, no feelings, just a gun
We were raised in the kitchen
Not to mention all the hoes that had dissed him
So homes thinks the whole world's against him
Played ball, coach bitched him, grandpa payin' extra
He was raised in Mississippi but he moved out to Memphis
Kind of hard to adapt... so homes turned to the scrap
This, you see, is trap rap - gun fight, got slapped
Shot, knifed, do crap
Did time, back out - damn...

[Hook: Canei Finch]

[Verse 2: J. Cole]
Here’s a voice for the voiceless
My words like multiple choice to the choiceless
Emerge like a search light in the darkness
For this young, black carcass
My niggas either join the Armed Forces or they corpses now
In God we trust, but it’s bucks that we worship now
Boy that root of evil gon’ forever rule the people
See, I seen just what that fast money gon’ come and do to people
Hit a lick, it was a hit
He said, “Let's go and do the sequel”
But his, nigga wasn’t ‘bout it, nigga wasn’t ‘bout it, now
Feeling guilty, "What would Momma think about me?"
Told’ em, think about it nigga, won't you think about it now?
But he was money hungry
Plus he trigger happy
So they hopped up in the Caddy
Burnt his pack, just like a Stevian
Thirty minutes later, blood is leaking at the ATM
Momma in denial, like her baby boy on trial
For a murder that he ain’t commit
Tears soak the handkerchief

[Hook: Canei Finch]

[Verse 3: Yo Gotti]
For real, for real...

[Outro: J. Cole]
They say the good die young, that’s the truth
My nigga floating up in heaven now, that’s the proof
I ain’t make it to the funeral, but homie rest in peace
If this world get too cold, I hope one day you rescue me
Nigga maybe we can fly someday
Oh we can fly someday
Yeah up in the sky someday
Do real niggas get to heaven?
That’s that shit I ask the reverend

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