Rack City (Freestyle)

Rack City (Freestyle) Lyrics Yelawolf

Yeah! SourMilk, JustIncredible
L.A. Leakers
(Bustin' on the beat ho!)

Alabama rich, I'm Alabama rich
Shady records Ghet-O-Vision
Hello Kitamine, this bitch with hits
Big Cameron, fuck around I leave your momma with candle lit
Speaking of candles lit, Happy Birthday me
Radioactive is a magnet for birthday treats
New house, fresh shoes
It's like all my opponents saw me and said "let's lose"
(Good move!) Is it me or the fake? let's choose
Coz' I'm teaching the class, you mothafuckas slept through
So even the haters only instigating my students
But a couple of questions that I won't say yes to
Like Mr. Bobalina Mr. Bob Domalina
Can I sick'em for ya Bob can I pick the chrome nina up
And pick 'em off for ya from afar with the beamer?
‘cause I seen I'm he’s a fault he’s a real cob-cleaner
I shoulda been loose but refuse to be an Obama-nator
You hate on me and you're probably an Obama hater
Laugh at you chronic players, sick with a sonic laser
And shoot you from Pluto with a soup bowl full of Now & Laters
Weakened and still seekin' a shot cause I’m a power-fader
Shower these cowards without a doubt of my power
And take ya bitch without a shower
‘til I’m sour ten hours later
She’ll still come back lying about the wonderful mouth I gave her
Ugh! Everybody knows I’m a loose cannon with a wick
'bout the size a fucking toothpick
But I might go quick and assume the damage
And I gave this beat it’s like a treat for a chief example
That I got a way with tracks cause Chinese weave's scandal
Back away from the bicycle
Tricycles fit you better picking up this cypher better yet pick up a rifle
And do yourself a favor kill yourself midget ho
And do it next to a river so nobody gotta dig a hole

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