Kill My Nightmare

Kill My Nightmare Lyrics Yelawolf

[Intro: Ambient noises]
(heartbeat in the background) Scared breathing, Scream
The slash of a blade against flesh
Heavy breathing

Happy Friday the 13th, Motherfuckers

[Verse 1: Yelawolf]
Go to sleep little boy, don't cry
Black shadows on the wall
Don't look under your bed
Hear footsteps in the hall
Somebody gonna come get me
And take me to the woods, in the fall
Don't look under your bed
Crucifix on the wall
Could it be in my mind
My time has come by
Slayed in the field
Left here to die
What if mamma finds me like this
Under this dirt still alive
I don't know how to resist
All of these thoughts that are running through my little mind
Trouble on show
Scared for my life
Still I want WAR!

[Verse 2: Yelawolf]
In a world that could feel like a fucking cage I just sit inside it
Instead of trying to escape I became crazy and started smiling
Took a knife to the back when I turned around to help somebody close
But I bled just enough to live, half man half ghost
And the dream is dark, fuck it into the dark I go
You want me to be a monster and kill them
You want me to be the one with the blade
You want me to stand up and SCREAM!
You beg for me to go into a rage
Well hand me the machete then, right now
I'll walk into the house and lay you down
Bring you the head of every victim
I will not decieve you
God said I'll never leave you
And since I can't see you
Then I have to believe you
Yeah I've got a dream
And I've seen
Many, many nightmares unfold
But fear has no hold
On this dream that I control
I control
I control
I control

[Hook: Yelawolf]
Goodbye nightmare
Bye Bye nightmare
Goodbye nightmare
Kill my nightmare

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