Far From A Bitch

Far From A Bitch Lyrics Yelawolf feat. Big HUD,Rittz,Young Struggle

I crawl through beats, like I had paws for feet
That's why they call them tracks
I dial into my tone, that's why these bitch rappers never call me back
But I didn't hang up on you, I just hung you out to dry
Clothes line! Little babies, go to school, don't pout cry
So sick that I make sick sick
Stick dick in a bitch with slit wrist just to get a quick fix
Sip syrup - sip fix
Her and get a twit pic
I'm on! Yeah I'm on, and you gonn' smell my cologne
I'm on, yeah I'm on

(Big HUD hook)
Far from a bitch and I put that on my main ho
Catch me posted on the block like I'm a valero
Put that dagger in your heart like a bow and arrow
Somebody had to lose, I guess that's how to game go (YEAH)
The game go, I guess that's how the game go
I'm Far from a bitch and I put that on my main ho (YEAH)
My main ho, I put that on my main ho
I'mFar from a bitch and I put that on my main ho

She know that I'm a pro and I don't even got to tell her
White bitch looking like Sarah Michelle Gellar
Got a (something) on vanilla
Get her once she say he wanna get to know me better
I said it, I could read her mind, she like an open letter
Next thing you know I had her face against a feather pillow
In a cheap hotel when I (something something) drill her
Like a jack hammer, almost (something) in her
Tap-tap-tapping that ass like a tap dancer
Then I skeeted, told that bitch to leave or imma' back-hand her
I'm just playing baby, I don't really act in that manor
Cause' my game so (something), I ain't scared of taking all the ladies
Especially when she give a great blowjob
We can go to dinner, Stoney River steak (something)
Martini bar, swear it ain't no prob
Now just keep your mouth shut 'bout us
You don't wanna piss my main ho off


(Young Stuggle)
I ain't a a killer but don't push me
My moneyrun long like John Holmes in the pussy
Married to these streets, I got a cocaine wife
They say the folk ain't right leave my momma alone and blame my life
If Kenny Powers fucked Griselda Blanco I'd be they son
With a hundred grand, steel claiming kids that ain't mine to get that tax refund
(Something) cards in my pocket, shit, none of 'em mine
Slumerican pie, subliminal crimnal crimes ahead of my time


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