Can it be

Can it be Lyrics Yelawolf

Yelawolf Is Only Getting Funky
Yes Mommy I Am A Foul Coming There For Me
Hit The Fame One Soul Than I Sound Junky
The Soul Cracker Should Hit Rappers Like …
It Is Overgrown But They Couldn’t Have My Path For Me
I Am In The Junky Business See An Ass .. Coming
Fuck It Bitch .. With My Hands In A Mad .. Like A Mad Mommy
Leaf .. Around The Truck Lash Money .. To Get The Cash From Me
Treat Everybody To The Wall Like A Crash Dummy
-.. To The Last Coming Never Seen So Funny Like I Do Rap Honey
…I Want It All I Want To Last Something If There Is Something
Something To Be Got I Wanna Eat The Rats And The Rats Nothing
And If The … Monkey I Am A Gorilla Of The …that Is Hungry
Hungry Enough To Eat A .. With Glass When I Am Confi .. Glass Monkey
Give It Up Like I Have Given My .. Monkey Or Give It Up .. Cash
Form One Family Values Is A .. Sunny When You Are From Alabama
Even Grandmas Are Looking For That Fast Money

I Say Hoody How You Are Doing Up There
Hello I Am Sorry Is Anybody Fucking Care
.. Hang To My Throat .. Reach For .. I Won’t Believe It
If You Say I Don’t Deserve It I Am Worth It
I Work The Deed .. Reason To Be A Part Of The Deed
Is A .. Preacher Seek I Receive To Go Even If I Win
With A Mission Like Steven Seagel .. Should Know When You See The Eagle
Like A Baby Driving The Eagle .. The Story Cause I Am Not Boring
.. Purple Rain On My Roof Leaky .. I Am Too Strong
.. On An Empty Street And The Night Is Too ..
How I Have Been To Me Is A ..
How You Have Been 3 3 3

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