Rise Lyrics XV

[Intro: XV]
We back in, uh

[Verse 1: XV]
My nigga said just kill this shit
Don’t let none of these niggas breathe
Took a few weeks off of my grind
That’s a few weeks that y’all gon' need
Saying that these none up and niggas got it next
That's some fucking shit that read
Kushville won’t take away my stress
Come sit back as I proceed
She look good everytime she enter
Just like every chick that I don’t need
So a nigga winning, got a ring
All these niggas winning, got on lane
All these hoes winning got no ex
All these fake ballers got on teams
Made a mistake cause of millions
My real life is like the dream
I’m just making it, make me think that I have a shot
No wonder why I’m chasing it with relationships on the rocks
It makes me wanna stop, but I don’t got that in me
Just passion, drive and henny, work like my stomach is empty
Friendly to even enemies, the dudes who rap pissed me off then
Cause if it’s beef, you wouldn’t speak, wouldn’t be any talking
Wouldn’t be any tweeting, wouldn’t be fucking blogging
Got a fast reloader, no recorder couldn’t stop the coffin
Still catching metaphors from complex y'all throw our shit so sizzle
They dropping doves, but the height make it like they had a missile
They writing raps in stencil
While I go back and forth with labels and doubters
Who probably write all of my checks in pencil
Damn, but nobody can say I ain’t patient
They see the changes that I am making
All of these change a nigga been saving
Couple of chains cause we is still slaving, illuminati faking
What the fuck is they saying, even mase say to free mason
But that’s the game that we playing
Just hope you say something meaningful for that grave that you laying
When it’s all said and done, and the house music’s playing
It’ll be 2015 when all the Squarians waiting to RISE

[Hook: XV]
Rise, rise, rise
Real niggas rise, rise, rise, rise
My city rise, rise, rise, rise
L7 rise, rise, rise, rise

[Verse 2: XV]
They build you up to tear you down, then build you up again
They see your beauty just to find a flaw to point and grin
Does it make you smile to see my frown, light you up to burn me down
Hear the flowing, awesome sound and you just turned it down?
Fuck that I turn myself up
Peaceful as a monk, but they want me to burn myself up
Don’t let them loathe you, that’s what momma told you
You let ‘em put X in the box, the game will control you
As these niggas slowly show you their true faces as villains
They on some witness shit, watching you making the killing
That’s when they speak, saying what they would do if your shoes could be on their feet
It ain’t rocket foot on even main street
So come to wear the tray fives me, with gang sign grease
They say I speak like I don’t rep the ṗlace I sleep
Like I ain’t in the stu 7 days of the week
You got a crown sitting down
I got a sword at my feet

[Hook: XV]
Rise, rise, rise
Real niggas rise, rise, rise, rise
My city rise, rise, rise, rise
L7 rise, rise, rise, rise

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