Guess Who

Guess Who Lyrics XV

Guess who's bizack? Back for the platinum and gold
The green backpack's back for a go
I tried to relax and put the green backpack on hold
But now it's 'bout to get packaged and sold

[Verse 1]
I'm back, bitch, the man is comin'
With plans to rush yah, comin' from the land of nothin'
Hand is rushin', writin' lyrics, can't save paper
Breakin' down trees as my momma wait for acres
Told her I'mma take her off the block like Jenga
For times I might have hanged in the night with night strangers
Before me and my bro was the black and white ranger
On Halloween night, frightened whites and nice neighbors
Hoods that we played in and girls that we played on
Had us lookin' suspicious to niggas like we're Trayvon
Just another obstacle in a Wichita carnival
Makin' it out the belly of the devil's abdominal
Square nigga so I ain't even round
I'm with yo bitch, she hit me when I came into town
I'm on yo shit, but luckily I came in her mouth
I'm respectful to an extent, X went in, was out
Now when you layin' her down, you feel a crook in it
You goin' down with your mouth, and now it look different
I was all in your house, she even cooked in it
She made that salmon and shrimp, that shit good, isn't it?
Just ride with it when you get to drive it
Some don't get to try it, watch it as they sit behind it
I bet those LA nights had fuckin' been a riot
But I'm just mindin' my business and stayin business minded
Guess who's bizack

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