Canned Laughter

Canned Laughter Lyrics XV

[Hook: XV]
Laugh tracks, applause and handclaps
As we hear the same punch lines in all these damn raps
Been soft, lip balm, sitcom acts
Square, who me? Never been called that
Squarian ETHER, don’t play this close to the heater
Put some water in the tray and just place inside the freezer
Take it out when you’ve made that follower a leader
Then throw ice cubes down for the nicest emcee up

[Verse 1: XV]
Unbelievable, L7 believer
Since I was next to 7 that night that I held the receiver
I’m in L.A. takin' a breather when the twins stopped breathin'
Then I made a square in the circle to get over the grievin'
Or when my grandma passed, and I just kept dreamin'
That she was like, right there and I just kept reachin'
But couldn’t reach it, that’s the reason I'mma shine 'til she sees it
Or 'til I make it to heaven, and ask “grandma, you see it?”
Believe it...

[Hook: XV]

[Verse 2: XV]
Biggie’s demon, I took a weekend to let it sink in
Refrainin' from reachin', the mind state Chris Lighty was thinkin’
Eatin' Church’s while my label’s preachin'
They can’t reach me on the jack
So instead they jack reachin', bad reason
Have meetings bout’ tracks with wack treatments
And acts that’s half decent and bars that’s half eaten
Let’s fact check these Rap Genius meanings when it lacks genius
Niggas suck like Sookie's last season...

[Hook: XV]

[Verse 3: XV]
You thought a square wasn’t cool?
Threw em’ two Ice Cubes, Jay said: “New Rules”
Might bring back Jheri curls, Juice with this 'fro like Fudge
Higher Learning like The View of a Dead Poet
Standin' on his chair inside a school
Takin' shots off the top, like Remy on the roof
Screamin' "fuck niggas!'" - I hope you got Aflack
Duck, nigga - 'cause here comes the attack
Smooth as Orange Julius, caesar under my snapback
Gat-strapped for niggas who be thirsty for an @ back
That’s that - The Roots to the Square that I am
Used to rap like 50 Cent, now I wrap hundreds in bands
The real square root of a ki' is 32 grams
But when did I expect these dudes
To tell the truth to their fans, huh?
Must've forgot where I am
The kid with the green backpack is back to the plan
So when I hear these punch lines
About squares from these rap niggas
They the first to remind me: "don’t rap like the last nigga"
I heard this game is like handling dope
So the '10 Crack Commandments' is the shit that I quote
I learned you can’t fix the game if you end up broke
Ask Nas, he made 'Ether', now that camel’s the goat
So if you take they breath away
Keep your hands on they throat
Squarian ETHER - that’s a more fataler dose

[Hook: XV]

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