Problem Lyrics Wooh Da Kid feat. Gucci Mane

(Intro: Dj Love Dinero)
Don't be the next victim nigga
You come to us, come correct
You don't want no problems
We fix niggas on this side
Check the residence nigga

It's a problem
It's a problem
What you looking at me for?
It's a problem?
It's a problem
It's a problem
Ain't no problem too big
My nigga I can solve 'em
I'm a problem
Fucking problem
Bricksquad is an army
Bricksquad is a problem

(Verse 1: Gucci Mane)
Burning up
Burning rubbers
In my 'rrari burning bubba kush
I'm constantly buying rubbers
You ain't burning me go take a ditch!
I'm Gucci bitch!
Gucci bitch!
I'm not talking pocket books
Got stocks and bonds commodities
This is a pirate ship
And I'm a fucking pirate
I might just make you walk the plank
Go in yo pocket (Pussy!!!)
I got a feet fetish
I love them red bottoms
I love designer glasses
I got them heavy pockets
Is it me or is it getting chilly
Rather quickly
My nigga take a twenty
Tell 'em chill with me
Then fuck with me
So if you wanna see me
Then go turn on your TV
Ain't nothing between us
But air and opportunity


(Verse 2: Wooh da Kid)
Got bodies on drop
When them young boys scream "Rock and Roll"
Red Dot'll make him stop, Green light him
Everybody let's go!
Is what they charged him
Look at my chain
But I'm just like "Homie robbed him"
Niggas ain't 'bout shit
You ask me
I bet that I could hit the girl better
My strap my bitch
Cause I know
She's a real go-getter!
Squeeze first
Then ask "Did the body drop?"
Loud noise to the face
It sound just like a shotty popped
Load buck round shotty
So please don't get shot son!
Them young boys running
My aim on and I got one
Ain't no shells left behind
I revolved them!
Ain't no shells left behind
I just solved him!


(Outro: Dj Love Dinero)
Free Gucc
Free Juiceman
YG Hootie
Ice B
Big Smurf
My nigga Jazz
Kenny B
The Dirt Gang
Slim Dunkin
What up

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