Rooftops Lyrics Wiz Khalifa feat. Curren$y

Album: Rolling Papers

[Verse 1]
And they say they ballin', but I do it how the pro's do
Where we goin' next week I let my hoes choose
No socks in my boat shoes
Guess a nigga eatin' good like Whole Foods
Not a couple cameras now they bring the whole crew
Bad bitch ride with me, so she pose too
See me and my guys like a plane flown through
Hella high roll up weed up like I'm supposed too
And now I'm into big things
On the buildin' you need to know the tenant rate
Gettin' paid still ridin' no shirt
Let a bitch give me brain call it home work
Niggas try hatin' on 'em but it don't work

A lotta shit done changed, new clothes, new car, new thangs
The same boys that use to be at the bottom came up that’s what they say
Used to not be allowed in the buildin' but now we on the roof top
Used to not be allowed in the buildin' but now we on the roof top

[Verse 2]
Slow money just as bad as gettin' no money
But learn to get good show money, that's your money
Get comfortable with it, really know money
Rich nigga shit, that really goes for me
Self made nigga, well played
I'm on the plane drinkin' champagne and lemonade
You tryna copy what's done, I'm tryna innovate
And club owners gettin' tired of tryna ventilate, big mistake
I'm too busy findin' places and trips to take
The more I smoke the more money my business make
Remember they used to be like who is this?
Now, I'm up in this bitch, they light up like independance day
When you around the real, you keep it real everyday
My niggas keep it real, so I hear what they say
Either you gettin' paid or you payin' to play
Either you on your grind or you stay out the way


[Verse 3: Curren$y]
Just made a million, got another million on my schedule
The pick up on my Ferrari, you jets or you jetless
You niggas ain't help us, on second thoughts you did
They hatin' was the fuel for this shit
So you wrote your own check off a ho ass
Sweatin' bullets at home, wonderin' if she comin' back
Whodi you a simp and she can smell it on ya
That's why you only see her when you buyin' stuff for her
We was sneakin' in then it was general admission
Now we own the arena decidin' who allowed in it
My windows ain't tinted, pimpin', I ain't trippin'
Had showered that shit, I'm just ballin' and chillin'
We plotted this out, one night in the city
Now we Los Angeles, medicine cabinet twistin'
Our habits are expensive, we gotta have it
TwitPicin' when we get it and they mad at us, fuck them niggas


A lotta money, lotta luggage, lotta hoes
When you puttin' in work, that's how it goes

And if the kids tryna be like me
They probably smokin' 'bout an O
Oh, ain't my fault though

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