Rise Above

Rise Above Lyrics Wiz Khalifa feat. Pharrell, Tuki Carter & Amber Rose

Ugh, You woulda thought that seein me go hard
that woulda motivate these mother fuckas to get on their job.
but instead they hatin on what I be doin
having conversations in my face bout what I should do for em.
What I'm gonna do, keep rollin and droppin weed on em
pack my bags, look like im stayin for weeks but be gone in the morning.
if the flight is private, we should probably board it.
you see it you'd like it. I could probably afford it.
if niggas really felt some type of way bout the shit I'm doin,
picked a crazy time to startin let me know.
cause jealousy and envy thats a trait for mostly bitches.
not a man, so you aint one if your lettin to show
Now the money like the weed, we lettin it grow
And I aint holding onto shit, I'm lettin it go.
Started small now we all in the bigger game
all on a bigger plane, ballin and gettin paid.


First the love was there, then the paper came
then haters came, we still rise above
First the love was there, then the paper came
then the haters came, we still rise above

My phone is died, but I got a contact
My sharpy paint pen on my timbo combats
you talk shit, I wont respond back
What they gon get, and you dont want that
that nickel peel, forget the deal
Remember what, get for real
My whip appeal, my crib is real
my wrist is real, ya know, the richer meal
hip hop grunge nigga, I make her cum quicker
then rock toe socks, yellow sponge nigga
I Tebow, for hoes that eat hoes
M-O-G's for, me and my people
The hoes love me, I'm on their tivo
I work their thighs and their key goals
Skateboard, I love Chanel
retweet my bitch, I met Pharrell


(Tuki Carter)
I hussle no muscle, I never be muzzled
I'm a piece to a puzzle, I rob for towns
and my words gon holler whatcu
My nigga I move move, My motivation is moves foo.
I get up and does do, I even do ten things at once,
Multitaskin, sacred fasting, king of tattin
super pimpin, house of rollin, run a business
while I'm tourin, on you bitches, doing features
while watching a double feature nigga
I see you suffering from haterism, get that check
I take nothin and make somethin,
there's no breaks when the hussles runnin.
Aint dealin with fakes, aint fuckin with snakes
they all in my face, and now they got what it takes
my nigga im straight.
So dont reach out, cause I peaced out
when I reached out, theres no response like knockin on an empty house.
Yeah, so I keep on while you peep on
boy I be on your behind that’s what karmas about

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