Proceed Lyrics Wiz Khalifa feat. Big Sean,Curren$y

[Intro - Wiz Khalifa]
This what dreams are made of
Good weed and cold drinks
Taylor, Taylor, Taylor
Thanks for putting this together Jerm!
We gon be here forever
And you ain't trippin
Really this high

[Verse 1 - Wiz Khalifa]
If you offer me all the money in the world
I wouldn't trade it for my girl, my family
Or the niggas that you see me riding with me outta town
Or internationally, they gon fly with me, kinda fried
Rollin' the papers so they get high with me
If I decide to give this up one day they gon' retire with me
Enjoy the money and the fame and the power with me
And fucking hater burn in hell
Sippin' champagne while the waiter breaking shells
Niggas scream my name probably praying that I fail
The money so insane gotta weigh it on a scale
Gotta weigh it on a scale?
Niggas blow that, bitches know that
Never touch blunts, chill with us once, never go back
Little homie, thats real
VVS diamonds, my stones are that ill
My watch is an Audemar I'm smokin OG till my problems gone
You try to call your man he ain't got no more
Probably cause I bought it all

[Hook] x2
As we proceed to court bad bitches and roll good weed
Fast livin, I’m taking them hoes on trips
Go to places they never been
I’m just gettin it how it’s supposed to be

[Verse 2 - Curren$y]
Aquafina and the bong
I’m off in that Modena when I’m done
Just sound the alarm, bitch top drop like Mardi Gras beads bein thrown
Francesca you’s a mess girl, carry on
Car smelling like a pound when I pull up at the avalon
Pull your own weight I don’t have no time for tag-alongs
Don’t know what you yapping for, stacking dough
Catalogue my closet, my belts, my watches
Cell phone in my pocket
My Blackberry biotches
Have ‘em ready, I’ll watch em, daddy back
Niggas plottin’ on the Jets but we got em
We just waiting to drop ‘em
They vexed cause we poppin’
And them hoes ain’t worry ’bout ‘em
They sure came up
What they sayin about them boys from the bottom?
Paparazzi cameras spot em
Flash when you see they faces
History in the making
I was high when I made it so I can play it for them haters

[Hook] x2

[Verse 3 - Big Sean]
Used to want a chain, now I got 6
Used to want a Rollie like Pac now it’s on my wrist, woah
Livin’ the life niggas told me was a myth (myth)
Same niggas try an’ get up on my list (what)
Since I started buzzin’, I got eighteen eleven cousins?
New bitches tryna join the team and old ones that I’m cutting
Sky high class livin but niggas still grinding
Cause I’m surrounded with the same niggas and girls since I had nothin’
Now, I got signed to my idol
Seen some of my favourite rappers turn rivals
‘Ye told me kill em so a nigga gotta drop ‘em
Peep the Jesus chain he gave me since I can't keep up with Bibles
No, young nigga heading to the title
Where it’s at?
Thats the top man, these niggas gon recycle
What, my shit is like a B.I.G recital
But you can’t hold a real nigga down thats why I keep real niggas round

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