Gone Lyrics Wiz Khalifa feat. Juicy J

Yo, Ya’ll kniow what it is,
Money, Drugs, & Bitches.
All Day, errday, mhmm.
Listen to this shit nigga, you might learn something.

OG in my zow, hell naw, we aint smoking Reggie.
Bout to be a dad, but got way too many kids already.
Niggas stealin swag, niggas stealin ad libs,
all about my cash so I’m always talkin cash shit.
This gin already poured, this joint already rolled.
I just got off the plane, now im back to getting blow
I’m not trynna play you, im not trynna pay.
I sell tons of swag, & give rhymes away,
I got cars to buy, I got flights to make,
Smoke hundred twenty, five times a day. ugh
rollin weed & countin green
On the top no in between, ugh.
We the only real niggas left, Rest in peace My young & teff.

And we gonna smoke until its (Gone, gone, gone,gone,gone)
buy the bar until its gone, gone, gone,gone, gone
and spend it all until its Gone ,gone,gone,gone, gone

Ugh, These niggas stealin swag, where'd they do that at?
That aint kk in your bag, where they'd grow that at?
Less than 500k, where they move that at?
Not in Taylor Gang makin cake, we doin that.
Think I'm doing that. New car, aint no roof in that
Niggas boofin bad, they know aint no truth in that.
Got my weight up, now my hate up, but I'm cool with that.
Hate you rich, but love you when you doin bad.
Now that I got cake, they say "Hey, whatchu do with that?"
Count them Louis bags, Chanel, just so my chick could brag
Dropped a 100k, just so my click could rag.
Paid in full bitch, Taylor Gang, we livin that. ugh.


That loud all I smoke, might fuck around do blow.
Strippin bitches on coke, pour gin down their throat.
The more money I throw, the harder they gonna go.
I can never go broke, trust me man, I know.
Still off them pills, trippy niggas for reals
Neck full of them diamonds, my sprite stay on chills
Rich til I'm killed, always spendin my mills
Before you was born, bitch I had a record deal.
Smoke a whole pound of weed, like its just an eighth
Smokin all day homie, I dont need a break
Swear my lungs didn't seen better days
and I watch it get owned cause it escalate
I'm rollin up again, watch how high I get.
And I dont need rehab, I'm not trynna quit.


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