Be My Girl

Be My Girl Lyrics Wiz Khalifa feat. K-Young

[HOOK: K-Young]
You wanna be my girl?
I think you wanna be my girl
Why you wanna be my girl?
You said you wanna be my girl
First you gotta know

Is it about you?
First I gotta know (yeah)
Can you bring out you?
First I gotta know (yeah)
Can you hang with your boy?
Can you be my girl ?
First I gotta know

[Verse 1: Wiz Khalifa]
You wanna be mine
Lil Angelina
Make me your Brad Pitt
Mr and Miss Smith
Tokyo and then Paris
Neck and wrists full of carats
Used to worry but don't care about
Now she wanna get tat
Call when I'm on the road
When I'm home I'm lettin' you have it
Give you space cuz I'm grown
What's going on ain't no marriage
Every city I'm known
Plus my bank above average
So I can't get mad if ...

[HOOK: K-Young]

[Verse 2: Wiz Khalifa]
It ain't no secret, (got what)
I'm the Prince where I'm from
She want be my Ms.Pinkett (but)
Your girls don't think I'm the one
On the road to freak with
Groupies jockin' them major
Swear world but these freaks in
I'm just getting this paper
Stuntin' when they in your face
On the low y'all haters
Wishing they was in your place
Trips we're going all paid for
Everything become taylor
Fastlane ain't no slow mo'e
Feelin like I'm already your man so...

[HOOK: K-Young]

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