Faces Lyrics Wale feat. Cloudeater

[Intro: Wale]
The goal is to never be content with the present (with the present)
We move fast (We move fast) We think forward (we think forward)
Cloudeater (Cloudeater) Folarin (Folarin)

[Verse 1: Wale]
Always with something newer
Whoever know their music know I'm the fuckin' manure
Uh, ok this is something you never knew I'm
Part of a special crew of niggas that just reppin' too hard
Yea, Big L in his youth in this motherfucker
Future of the musicians after Luke when they boss strugglin'
I'm like a difficult pictureless puzzle spittin' rebuttal
Pray you niggas don't never love us you niggas is sucka's
I'm shiftin' faces
Bitches give me physical favors
Fresh as the first day of school peep this orientation
Syllabusin' me silly brother syllable suckin'
Counterproductive they silly bitches give me production
B-b-b-b-beat it
She think between her legs she a fuckin vagenius
I ain't comin' up big I ain't comin' with big
'Less you know what you're doin' girl I don't come off the head, na
You won't come off the red
I'mma blow out some loud doubt they come out with reds
You can be all alone I"mma be in my zone
I'mma watch me some 'Shrone like I can cover the throne (I can cover the throne)

[Hook: Cloudeater X2]
Shif-ting Fa-ces
Shif-ting Fa-ces
Shif-ting Fa-ces
I can't place it

[Verse 2: Wale]

Uh, Always with something newer
Chasin' this revenue never put it over this music
Word to my mother these motherfuckers ain't fuckin' with this
I'm young living comfortable get these niggas up out my business
Alter they vision they really am my competition
Hear what I'm smokin' my eyes low as a sock in sneaker
Not a clipper but I Paul over when I ball
Pay regards before you talk you just a Portis on my board
Put your shorty in this Audi got like 40 on my arm
With this audio I'm sick need that audience at all
And this genre needs some change can we be frank it need faith
Get that head like E.D.T. let these bitches feel the snake
UCB toward man penny belts to show my ass
Liquor lifted with these bitches they gon' prolly catch a cab
Swear to Pac who love my flow pop a molly without my hat
Swear that bin without my clothes this that Ferrari on my rap
So much wack shit I be hearin' it's hard to get ya'll back
Mighty screamer I don't blame her just go harder on the track
Put my heart in vivid pictures and artists
Reppin' that double MM gettin' money regardless
Whether these niggas like it I'm modifying the genre
Ask me why am I whispering 'cuz nigga I'm tired of talking
Bring drums, bring drums, uh, bring drums, uh


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