Bag Of Money (Remix)

Bag Of Money (Remix) Lyrics Wale feat. Black Cobain,French Montana,Lil Wayne,Omarion,Rick Ross,T-Pain,Yo Gotti

[Rick Ross]
She Self Made 2, Therefore she winning
New Money, MMG
Self Made 2, taking over the world
Lets go baby girl, taking over the world

[Hook: Rick Ross]
My chick bad looking like a bag of hundreds
My chick bad looking like a bag of hundreds
I blow it fast, so you know I got her stunting
I blow it fast, so you know I got her stunting
(Repeat x2)

[Verse 1: Wale]
Be like Wa Le
My stroke game be on point, yea
Shorty losing her mine
Her composure in most of her voice
And she said she hate the word moist
But she can't escape from the vibe
Play fight with that cat
Me would kill that pussy 9 times, ah
Slow it down, let me it slow down
Ever since I hit that, look at that shit
I got you poking down
Numbers we ain't throwing down
I be no way, no how?
Cause you know them scream shouts broad
Always going to run them mouth
Ok im ? as drunk, Im not driving
You know oatmeal bars are on fire
Little Green and White in my pockets
So the song is now Bag of my own
Caught up in a bad timing
Yea Jacob made my medallion
Just post up but don't coach much
But I love the stadium talent

Verse 2: Omarion]
Okay let me play this picture
All the right colors
If I let you count my money
Dont think that you owe me
If you my bag of money
You my bag of honey
I Beez in your Trap
While you yelling Fuck me

I be on some other shit
Maybach all up in this bitch
Say goodbye to them other niggas
They be lying about they're figures
I'm out and bout' and I pull the trigger
Ya'll be so lame, Im killing the game
I dance in the bank
We so mafioso, you ain't never know though
Never gunna know so, no never no, no, no

[Hook: Rick Ross]

[Verse 3: Yo Gotti]
My, my bitch amazed
Show stomper
Work at the titty club
Pussy popper
Top Drop, white on white, 645
I banged her up from 5 o'clock till 6:45
Mr. 60 minutes, Mrs. Chanel or Fendi
I hit her in the Porsche
I bought her up a new Infinity
Presidential rolling ?
JFK, shes Mrs. Kennedy
Rose gold, his or hers, damn is a first
Want a ?
1 on 1 bed
Look like a duffel bag of money
She be young bed
Young thug nigga, drug dealer

[Verse 4: Lil Wayne]
My bitch mad cause I rather get that money
I gave her this dick, she said that dick better than money
I said Can I get some head? She said lemme get my scrunchie
Serve her like a country, got that dope dick, she a junkie
She said Tunechi, this your pussy
I said tell me anything
Then I suck her nipple ring
Eat that pussy, Listerine
She cumming, I make sure
My bitch bad, she'll take yours
And she do
Tricks on that dick like a skateboard
MMG afilliated ?

[Hook: Rick Ross]

[Verse 5: French Montana]
I push the drop, let her ride shotty
My bitch bad looking like a bag of Mollys
Hit the crib, make a porno
My dimes flashing like photos
500 on my auto, and I bought it off
Fuck car notes
Shorty know exactly who the realest is
Murder that ahh leave no witnesses
Started from the streets
Turned up businesses
Girl, your bag of money
Stacking to where that ceiling is

[Verse 6: Black Cobain]
Rolling up some Killah
Riding through my city
Bumping Bag of Money
Got a bag of money with me
She conceited , she know that
She was down with a nigga before rap
If I had the strap, she would hold that
She dont even smoke, but she would roll that
For me she drinking Henny, she don't like it though
She fuck with real niggas, cause that's all she knows
Make her pop that pussy hole
Make her bring that money back
You niggas couldn't fuck my bitch
If you gave her a hundred stacks

[Hook: Rick Ross]

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