Twitch Lyrics Vince Staples

[Hook: Vince Staples]
When intensity is risen
Women end up having children
By niggas who didn't love in the first place
Gave it up on the first date
Now she fucked in the worst way
(we don't love these hoes)

[Verse 1: Vince Staples]
She was cute, was only trying to fuck her though
But I broke the rules, now I gotta come for hoes
Told her from the jump, that I wasn't into loving hoes
And she wouldn't be any different from my other hoes
Since a young nigga, I knew she would become a ho
Eighth grade year, sucking dick behind the bungalows
Daddy had a bunch of dough, paid her no attention
Only paid the whole tuition, gave her extra cash for spending
She was pheeming for the type of life she wasn't given
Hanging with them shady niggas in and out of prison
Thought a baby was the perfect way to keep his interest
Shoulda 'borted when she saw he wasn't fucking with it
Cold nigga, gut checked, but she rolled wit it
Packed up, left home, took her soul wit him
Now it seems that she's only good for one thing
The one thing that we all need
Eyes dropped, with a heart grim


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