She Like It When I ft. Tee Flii

She Like It When I ft. Tee Flii Lyrics   Ty Dolla $ign

[Hook: Ty]
Bitches ain't shit, hoes aint shit
Niggas aint shit, a bitch gone be a bitch
They use the word love, to get pussy
I just hit it once and keep it pushin,
I Guess she like it when I tell her the truth
I can't be your man but I can be your boo
I guess she like me cuz I, don't lead her on
Right after I hit I tell her that I gotta go
I guess she like it when I, I...
I guess she like it when I, I...
Guess she like it when I...
Guess she like it when I... yeah...

[Verse 1: Ty]
She don't Fuck with squares only niggas from the Hinood
She like me cuz I, Cuz i'm rich
She like me even more cuz I got bitch
Guess she like me cuz I dick her down proper,
make her call me poppa, she screamin like the opera
Whoa Kimosabe big ballin is my hobby
Got bitches in the lobby thats my type of party
Fast like Ferrari, I only hit it doggie
She gota nice body like she do pilates
All my bitches love me, All my bitches love me
She got another nigga but she dont put him before me

[Hook: Ty]

[Verse 2: Tee Flii]
She like like that I keep her on a creeze
Her baby daddy can't put it down like me
Got her sprung on the D,
Hell yeah she reppin'...
I weak bitch fuck we weak niggas,
My back filled up my cup got patron in it
I like them Amy's with the bizzy bodies
Got a whole lot of ass and can get naughty
Back it up look back at it throw it at me
girl get ratchet girl
you only live once girl get bout it
I need 40 spinz you gone make it clap

[Hook: Ty]

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