Quintana (Remix) ft. Migos

Quintana (Remix) ft. Migos Lyrics Travi$ Scott

Straight from Mexico, call her Quintana
Damn she smoke my dope, swear to God we go Rambo
If you disrespect the dope, straight from Mexico call her Quintana
Damn she smoke my dope, swear to God we go Rambo
If you disrespect the dope...

[Verse 1]
My bitch she bad, she foreign, she cookin', she trappin', Quintana
But if she smoke my dop, I'mma hang her on a rope
She naked she cooking the coke, put it on a boat
The gas is coming from mexico, Rambo
Come with a plug with the pounds and bowl
These hoes cannot take my soul
My niggas be hitting the... and licks
My nigga be flippin' the bricks
Excuse me I take a shit
Skrrt, I juggled a chick
I pull up in jags and rovers and benzes
My nigga we choppin', we rich


[Verse 2: Quavo]
Call it Quintana I got a bitch cooking Madonna she look like Rihanna
Got flavors like I'm Willy Wonka, no... I trap in the jungle
I'm whippin'... and whippin' and flippin' ... and flippin
I'm in the kitchen cookin' infants
The twins I'm whippin, Mary and Ashely
Got my... smellin like chitlins
My niggas we vicious... Billy the Kid
And no sippin' on lean, two cups no lean
What you rap about I did
Forgive for sinning
I talk to the Lord I know what I did but I was a kid
Damn which I set the...
Talkin' bout Benjamins, then I want in

La Flame, don't play no games
These niggas is lames
This niggas ain't lords, we the new lords
(Mercy me, oh, mercy me)
(Mercy me, oh, mercy me)
(Mercy me, oh, mercy me)

Quintana (Remix) ft. Migos

Travi$ Scott connected with ATL's Migos in July 2013 for this official remix of his "Quintana" single, which appeared on the "Been Trill" mixtape, released that same year.

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