Old English

Old English Lyrics Travis Scott feat. King Chip

Tonight we live our lives
Im going to take you to heaven tonight
Dum Da Da Dum Da Dum Da Dum
Dum Da Da Dum Da Dum Da Dum

[Verse 1: King Chip]
Fresher than a bitch with the ratchet on me
Just case it get a little ratchet homie
Roll something up then pass it to me
King Chip so cold, bitch has to know me
Know a nigga, all I know it's nothin' mayne
Eatin' pretty good while you lunchin' mayne
Leather seat back so my nuts can hang
Don't talk me to death
Nigga fuck your name (Shut the fuck up)
Know a nigga in this bitch stuntin' on them
Brand new tech I'm huntin homie
When I'm in my zone, give a fuck who know me
Bitch ass niggas got nothin' on me
Know a niggas livin' like im supposed to though
Hitting doughnuts in the middle of Melrose
Nigga black on black...

(Holy father, please wash my sins)
(The holy grail has fallen over)

[Verse 2: Travi$ SCott]
Tell me how I look, got pharaoh blood in my DNA
Chardonnay, let it marinate, Paris hill sippin' Perrier
Google Scott no Gaga, might fuck around and just poker face
Running red lights, you scurred? Might fuck around and just swerve
(Wait,shut the fuck up)
Bow down when I walk in this bitch, ho remember that

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