Dance On The Moon

Dance On The Moon Lyrics Travi$ Scott feat. Theophilus London & Paul Wall

Mixtape: Owl Pharaoh

[Verse 1: Travi$ Scott]
Cool like move when a nigga dance
Peep a nigga steeze from a nigga stance
Had to leave home wasn’t working out
Kiss moms for me if you get a chance
Walk the streets where I stay
Niggas give me daps and pounds they can’t wait
In the moonlight you can’t see my eyes
And when I’m off the things I can’t think
Man I been coasting the coast
Swear a young nigga done been through the most
Washing my mind out with dope
Shit real, but you know a nigga can’t choke
When they recognize a real nigga still
Ride with me, down with me, say he a float
And I’m a real nigga sitting in the villa
Shoving champagne through the next girl throat

[Hook: Theophilus London]
Let’s get high
And go dance on the moon
We could fly
And go straight to the moon
Touch the Sky
And go dance on the moon
Where the weather is warm
And we forever live long

[Verse 2: Travis Scott]
Lost in the moonlight
Run through the moon light
Cop lights, no lights
Cause the bills they was over due
Now a skinny iggy nigga got fits from the runway
Taking trips to the side of the moon
I just take trips to define my peace
But I got a little feeling it might be in that tomb
I like my weed in the cheese
Roll that that a little thick
Better watch your tote
You don’t wanna choke
Better let that jack ...
I’m on some popular shit
Come look in my eyes and get a fix
We just gone’ cruise to the room
Lay back don’t worry about shit
It might get rowdy
Cause all the freaky models wanna party
All the freaky models in the lobby
It’s so obvious that they lobbyist
Man it can’t be realer
Me and my niggas in the villa
She in that white dress it can’t fit her
Sweet not bitter
Drink like you got no liver
Hit it and she on the moon my nigga

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Paul Wall]
Hol’ Up
I’m headed to the moon
Cause the world screwed up
Like the city I grew up
So I’m pouring up a co-cup
Bout to get tore up
Got a xanax crushed up
If you steal my cup
It’ll get you fucked up
Pull up to the moon with the trunk up
Getting sucked up
With three blunts rolled up
Smoke all three at the same time
Call that triple OG
In the triple D
I'm full when I’m on E
You don’t know nothing bout me
Back wood feel with a Compton tree
Getting full of that oil I got gas and grease
Three lines poured up In the big East
Baptized a blunt But I ain’t no priest
Peach Ciroc with a Norco
Piece of hash and my trippy sticks
OG wax on a bone with a skillet
Me and Paskel been doing that shit
Def rockin lit, what you know about this?
Baby Bash came through with the Kush assist
Percocet ten and a soma twist
On the moon getting higher than bitch
And I’m doing my dance


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