Stripper Love

Stripper Love Lyrics Travis Porter

Roses are red, violets are blue
I walked in the strip club and fell in love with you
Yeah, it's how you make a nigga want it
Big bank roll, baby, show me my opponent

[Verse 1]
I walked in, chosed up, lookin' real good from the floor up
Tapped all on her shoulder, 'cause I had to get me a little closer
Damn she ain't got no jeans on, DJ playin' my theme song
I'm thinkin' it's wrong, but I'm thinking' it's right
My mind's playin' tricks on me tonight
Yeah… I pops one, baby, I pops one
Yeah youse a hot one, girl, youse a hot one
I think I'm in love, I've never felt like this
Pull her to the side to explain this shit
Girl, we gon' have to rearrange this shit
Come with me, girl, what you think this is?


[Verse 2]
See I'm in this strip club just coolin' - seen this little cutie
Real slim waste with a big fat bootie
I said "shorty, what's your name?" She said her name was Tracey
I said "girl, your ass is fat and if you touch you gotta pay me"
Roses are red - Magnums are gold
Girl, you're movin' too fast - girl, take it slow
Girl I know I ain't your man
But I know you're on command any time I say go
Put it on my pants and grind it slow
Put it on my pants and grind it slow


[Verse 3]
Walked in the centre, lil' mama perfect
Pop that pussy when she see my Rolex
Yeah, shorty got sex appeal
Tryna give it to the girls like they're for real
Let me see if you could take it to the head for real
Twenty bands, man I'm playin' with a brick for real
She'll be practicin' on the pole right there in the crib
And you already know I like 'em rare for real
Red bone this is your song
I don't like panties, you don't got nothin' on
Get real nasty for me when she get home
Callin' me "daddy" when the kid go strong
Bend over, touch your toes
She ain't got nothin' but them red bottoms on
Strapped up, lil' mama, you the baddest
Yeah, I had to snatch her out of Magic


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