Hell You Talmbout

Hell You Talmbout Lyrics Travis Porter feat. Frenchie,Waka Flocka Flame

Waka: TRAVIISSSSS!! Porter

What the hell you talmbout?
Hit the club, jump the whole line, hell you talmbout?
Fuck a quarter man we get the whole pound, hell you talmbout?
Said that I ain't got it on me right now, hell you talmbout?
Fuck around the whole hood hold me down, hell you talmbout?
Ooooohhhhhhhh hell you talmbout?
Ooooohhhhhhhh hell you talmbout?
Ooooohhhhhhhh hell you talmbout?
Ooohhhh what the hell you talmbout?

Travis Porter hit the lick, but Zone 6 kicking it
Receipts from ATM got tha bad girls feeling it
Travis Porter, Waka, Frenchie, man this shit ridiculous
Drop that turnt up and got tha whole hood feeling it
Riverdale to East Atlanta man I know you sick of it
O lets do it, staying on some pimping shit
Never know what Ima say tha way that I be flipping it
Never got a hit, man, the way that I be pitching it


What the hell he talkin' bout? I don't think you understand
I got stacks on top of stacks, my wallet is rubberbands
F-R-E-N-C-H-I-E, I said it in my last rhyme
But it's the last time, that a nigga try me
Bricksquad and Travis Porter
Let's get this game in order
Slim Dunkin with Waka Flame, cruising in your daughter
100 niggas at the door, bet Ima jump the line
I ain't got no time to wait, patience come with time

I might dress this way, but don't take it wrong
What you think they call me Ali for? I'll crack your dome
Oh my god, so don't come at me wrong
Travis is so icey, we like 5-0 strong
Oh my god
Oh my god
So Icey thus you not
The whole East Atlanta with me, what the hell you talkin' bout?
Getting money, getting money, is all these niggas talk bout
I ain't never flexed up in my song, what the hell you talkin' bout?


All the way turned up!
Drunk as fuck, jumpin' off the furniture
Breakfast at the Waffle House, 20 sausage biscuits
Hold up, excuse me mam, what come on a sausage biscuit?
Hold up, freeze
Let me get my team
Call my nigga Flocka tell him bring the whole thing
Now who the hell you talkin' bout? who the hell are you?
Say you got a pistol, who the hell you gone shoot?

I love the way they run they mouth
My name is always in they mouth
I'll have them run up in your house
If I was you I'd watch my mouth
Gualas in my wallet
I got gualas in my pocket
I got m-o-n-e-y
Its that Bricksquad til I die
In the club high
Man I'm always fresh and fly
Man I'm fly like a bird
Plus I'm high like a plane
It could be the first of June, I could bring May back
Hell you talmbout? have them goons run ASAP


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