Get Naked

Get Naked Lyrics Travis Porter

Lay your body down, just so I can touch you
I'm hoping that you're ready cuz I don't wanna rush you
And just to set the mood I put on a little Usher
And now we're trading places and wrestling undercover
Uh 10 to 15 I'm ready to blast off
While we're playing under covers I'm taking her pants off
Like maannn, now she want me to be her man
And then I said "Nahh"
Then she brought another friend
I told her...

Get naked, take your clothes off
Wipe off your lip gloss
Your body's so soft
She naked, I love the way she moving
And we should make a movie
And movie while you standing here
Naked, oooohhh yeaaahhhh, ooooohhhhh yeaaaa
She naked, ohhhhh yeaahhhh, ohhhhh yeaaa

Here, girl come get this dicky
Mmmm, mmmm good, she said Strap you finger licking
Listen shorty, can I tell you something?
It's you that I been wanting
I love your body structure, it got me super sprung
And I bet when you butt naked that thing gone go stupid dumb
Where you get that ass from? she said from my momma
Well take off your pajamas
Let me watch you cook lasagna
Uhhhh... girl you know you bad
Flip over your ass
I'll give you something you never had
Let's play Adam and Eve
I'm messing up your weave
Here have some more drink, sit back and let me roll the weed


Take your pants off (keep going), take your panties off (keep going)
Take your socks off (go, go), fuck it take it all off (go, go, go)
I hope it ain't a issue
I ain't gone kiss you
But I might lick you
From your neck to your ankles
Girl I'm nasty I might spank you
I ain't come here to tease you girl
I came here to please you girl
And we touchin'
And we rubbin'
And we freakin'
And we vibin'
And she like it
We ain't kissin'
We ain't hunchin'
We fuckin'


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