Do The Dash

Do The Dash Lyrics Travis Porter

Album: From Day1

Yes sir this the spaceship
This I ain’t nutin the play with
Swerving going ape shit, bitch I do the dash
Peeling out, doing dounuts
With your girl, so what
Hear me when I pull up
Bitch I do the dash
In the rari or bakki, Kawasaki or calais
Do the dance like fuck it...hey
Ride, for live, for ride, for live
Ya bitch I do the dash

For the ride I dun even faly, oh yeah I’m swerving
Put it on the 26 not a im mo fucking serving
Got the beat up loud
To freeze with me
Got one from kelly and or from his city
Gots some mo fucking change, chain cost thirty
Black odd tiger woods ho now im hitting birdies
That’s rich nigga status living so lavish
Got a pocket full of paper
Got a cloud full of benz
Know you’re gonna hear me rari down the street
Might fly to miami spend 50 on the beach

I’m a dog, I’m a beast
I’m a kush smoking nigga
Do the whole dash, while this mo fucka get up

[Hook:] I got a beamer used to fuck wit kristina, now I’m fucking chena
Crank the fucking dash, Doing damage like katrina
It be on my ass, I’ma smash I’ma leave her (woo)
Da da dum thing, (woo) got that new thing (woo)
Camed off one night, she take off wit your mustang
In the express lane, aim fo da left lane
H.O.V. cuz they riding wit my main thang (woo)
But to exit off at the mortar house, stoping by lil bathroom see her what seeing wanna to have
Yeahh why you know you got hella threads, take em to the club order bottles put it on the tab


(ahh) Man you mo fuckers ask for it (dahh) get inside I’ma take you on a crash course
No license only so me n my passport
Nigga fuck it I'mma do it solden dash for it
Yahh, And I ain’t stopping for them people
They pull me for me speed and nigga fuck it I'mma leave em, nigga
See you niggas and I wouldn't wanna be you niggas pull up to the spot throw the keys your mamasita nigga
And you dont wanna race with mama, boy I fuckin dare ya
Shawty pull up in the cadi red porsche gurerra
And if you wanna mama better have your green right
Her favorite color red, and now she see a green light (duum)
Ya bitch I do the dash

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