9 Times Outta 10 (Prod by DJ Mustard)

9 Times Outta 10 (Prod by DJ Mustard) Lyrics Travis Porter feat. YG

Mixtape: Mr. Porter

[Verse 1: Travis Porter]
She say she want a baller,
She say she want a baller, fucked once
Then never ever called her
She asked why? bitch I grew up on the Carter
Tryina get head till I bust like the chola
I got a thing and she gonna need moms
I started this mac shit, nigga Steve Jobs
Iha, in the porsche hit the block
Then I pull up on the porch, where they do that at?
Smokin big ass philly, you gotta light it with the torch
We young niggas smoking that
He say he the truth but he really not
Cause the summer only time he hot
All my niggas savages, we do this and we do these hoes so scandalous
9 times outta 10, that mean we the only one left
Nigga think different than the impress, now say

9 times outta 10, me and all my niggas know to win
Catch me whippin in the Beamer or the Benz
9 times outta 10, catch me with a bad yellow bitch
With a twin and a dark skin friend
9 times outta 10, I’ma make her do a back bend,
We gonna be up in this bitch till the end
9 times outta 10, all my niggas keep somethin' rolled up
You really smokin till we showed up, nigga

[Verse 2]
From ATL to Hollywood, got the hoes on molly and they rolling good
9 times outta 10 I’m rockin 8 chains,
I’m a big dog, I’m a Great Dane
Hoppin out the Beemer, partner in the rarri
Thick bitch named Kesha shaking her follies
And your bitch with me, half naked in the lobby
We go up to the room I blow smoke on her body
I walk it how I talk it, play it how I see it
Throw the money up and fall down on the head
9 times outta 10 kush in the wind
9 times outta 10 f’s on the rim
Fuck em, fuck em, fuck em, fuck em all
Fifty thousand in the rubber band, how we ball
Drop head motherfucker that’s the ladies
Ball hard on the hoe like I’m baby


[Verse 3]
My life is amazing, oh yes picture perfect
Young fly nigga, hoppin out of driver service
Young rich nigga, counting up a couple g’s
I’m never long, keep me a couple freaks
Then after the strip club, have a three way
Fuck it, I ain’t had a hair cut in 10 days
9 times outta 10, I’m grinding
10 out of 10 I’m shining
9 times outta 10, I’m prolly pulling up in the benz
If I fucked her then I prolly fucked her friend
9 times outta 10, the niggas out here know how we do it
Cause when we do it, we do it
We know it show how we do it
I count a hunned in cash, I get my money real fast
Niggas be tryina catch up, they say I’m talking too fast
Say I got too many hoes, said we got too many shows
Yeah she in love with the swag, but they in love with the flow


[Verse 4]
9 times outta time gettin' faded
If I'm gettin' faded then I'm probably with your lady
5 times out of 5 she gettin' fucked up
If I aint hit then I know my homie fucked up
Big ole booty, face on cutie
9 times outta 10 she starring in a movie
Laying in the bed butt naked in the loubi
Started right here then we ended in a cuzzi
God damn, 9 times outta 10 bet your bitch know who I am
Hold up, you wasn't smokin' tell we showed up (pussy nigga)
Hit the weed gon' roll up pussy nigga
Slide through with the doors up pussy nigga
Black bow two iced out double B's
Stay fucking bitches at the Double Tree yeah

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