Swang Lyrics Trae feat. Fat Pat,H.A.W.K.

[Fat Pat]
Niggas better see a nigga roll
Starched down and I'm rollin on 84's

[Hook - repeat 4X]
Swang, and swang, and swang to the left
Pop-Pop my trunk and dip, dip, dip

I'mma swang, I'mma swing my slab lean to the left
Pop my trunk and show what I'm about so Houston Texas got to be fit
I'mma be suicide automatic when I'm swinging my wide frame
4 4,s to 24's I'm subject to gline man
Like a pimp without the whip I'm still so fly when I slide man
Plus I'm whipped and fully loaded ain't no takin my ride man
We gangsta and it ain't to what you can do to stop us
Don't try to knock us cause these diamonds got poppers tryna chop us
We the best and we gon be when these haters know it
So haters hate us to death and I know cause these haters show it
I only ride alone so they can picture me rollin
And for them jackers think they fly just picture what I be holdin
'til all them boys that make you picture just how fast I be foldin
A few of them had you thinking 'til your dealin and get swollen
But still I ride like the law, flo and flip everything
I'm screwed and thick and 'til its over nigga fresh of the chain
Peep the slang


I'mma swang, and a swang, and a swang to the left
Pop my trunk for Fat Pat's death
I would give my last breath if I could bring you back
Bring Screw back a matter of fact bring the whole crew back
Only God can do that so I'mma leave it alone
Moving on moving 'til this sew gets on
I'm cruising along still got a screw tape on
Still in the zone wishing Kobe Blunt was home
Riding on chrome banging with my bud lights on
Riding home I reach Southern Astrodome
With Fat Pat's clone cause niggas see harrys on
His heart beat pumps through my flesh and bone flippin with Trae
Rolling down MLK this wood with glay
I'm chunkin seven duce today his dove k
Chiefin on some love lay and we on the boulevard acting okay
We gon


They be heinous my type of nature, my understand to this bip
Stacks in the back on the lack of this glimpse funna see me strip
Cutting corners on the daily basis
We fast like Kanye West samples when I be changin faces
I'm low like tips of waiters when I lean to the left
I roll the cd through the door for the fifth, poppers and pimps
Or maybe in the Impala 67 Chevy be spinnin
Invisible samples play everytime they catching me grin
Off in they face ain't too much they can do to a G
But try to hate me every second due to the fact who I be
And it don't bother me cause I still chop in my game
Just don't come off the side to my range I might be leaving the stage
Within my slab I be niggas gon respect to be gangsta
Teach certain dickeys plus the kids to lay wusup for you wankstas
Everyday's still the same I be still loud when I bang
And thanks to Screw and P18 we got them digging my slang

[Hook] - 9X

[Fat Pat]
Love it man, love it man, love it man...

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