Swave Man

Swave Man Lyrics Tory Lanez


[Verse 1: Tory Lanez]

Man they got me shining on my face and chain
All white diamonds make my necklace such a racial thing
30 bad bitches like a lakers game but expect my uniform is green Boi
Major Payne im bossing
Lay you in the creek like the Dawson
Hit her from the back she said "eeeeee" like a dolphin
Tryna pull Leborn in some heels, ballin
Rappers hit the diving board jump into your coffin
And you know it , im a pimp and you won't go their
So you might be fly but I make it look like you got no gear
I ride around with chauffeurs I ain't never had no show there
Nigga I be so so high high high That I can't get much lower or lower
Oh no Nigga I dont owe her but I hit it all over the floor
From counter to the drawer after she park it I just tow her
I tell her bye bye bye bye bye bye now she calling me Nysnc
Its obvious that I hit your chick nigga thats my first instinct
Baby thats my bbm she pin me up cause she need a man
She love me and need no end and your girl a 8 but I need a 10
Cuz I howl wolf I mean bowl wolf and it ain't minced meat till we meat again IM SWAVEY

[Verse 2: Tory Lanez]
My flow is nastier then beef stroganoff
On a nasty man who didn't own a cloth
In a low down basement stroking off
To a picture of a lady name Oprah-Ross Ewwh
I let money brush shoulders off
And after I brush I am known to floss
Flow like a gun I will toast you off
They be like Wow look its Tlanez
Oh my god check him out look he changed
Ever since the money he been acting all strange
I seen him in the tele with like 54 dames
Cuz im up like this so rup like this
Abanaba I dont give a fuck like this
My head to Suicidal your girlfriend just wanna cut wrist
Making money im breaking honeys who think pimp and they need me (need me)
Talk shit but dont talk shit whenever you up in my beamer
Cuz we ridin to that PMC
Keep it trill cause my paper long
Im making flows and im taking flows I dont give a shit but no hating ho
Nigga 21D6E637
My bad thats Jae's pin
Gotta Red bone thats Beijing
I like white girls thats Asian and my black bitch caucasian
If you ain't get that than fuck you
Cuz I wish that I wouldn't ever say I Love you
Throw another london money in a duffel
I'mma be tryna make alot of money then I snuff you
Hitcha with the 1,2
No time for the confused minds that I run through
Now now everytime I (Come aroundx3)
Niggas wanna run around giving me the run around
Listen Thats friggin Lame man now get down with the swave man

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