Elephants Lyrics Tory Lanez

Hello, it's the fly guy
Money to the sky guy
I could let the 9 color you like some (?)
(?) like my (?)
Cars like a drive-by
Even when you tweetin still ain't even on my timeline
I keep it 9
I'm gettin cash, times 9
I like my women real quite like some mines
I'm gettin lost in the money still like find time
For the brain like I'm Einstein
I know what them bitches for
I can make your chick depart
I be hittin hoes you only see on 106 & Park
Funny that them same hoes is always at my crib to talk
If you came here just to talk
Bitch get out my whip and walk
Cause I ain't got time to lose the time on stupid dimes
And take my head and lose my mind
I fucked these hoes (?) times is 3 at 8 and 2 at 9
See I make you feel the blinds like you don't lose your blinds
Baby give me brain and let my dick porous your mind
Get money like social banking
My hoes is so (?)
It's funny you (?)
I ain't got no hoes to slagging
Not love in basketball
Chicks hug and pass my balls
She keep my fucking mouth shut and her ass involved
I love to freaking score
I never pass the ball
Yo chick is on my pipe
Wow, bitch I bling like wow
The money Chinese so it ching like chow
Now what your whole name is?
My whip is so brainless
I let your bitch suck on my dick until her throat famous
Yo man is so nameless
And me, I'm so famous
She gettin no money from you
Fuck what your whole game is
Bad bitches only
Cause I ain't on my dick
Give me brain, shawty
Put your mind on my stick
I got thugs with me, that'll grind for the brick
Time is money, I ain't spending time on your chick
Ill, still like pitched to a mil
I'm pulling hoes like fish to a (?)
My watchs swimming like my wrist full of (?)
Cold dick, leave a bitch full of chills
For real
Yall niggas can flip and kill me
I'm spittin that shit that's filthy
I cut your arm and put it on me, ask you if you feel me
Ey (?) my nigga is you feelin me?
I think that he should feel me
I think that she should feel me
I'm stacking money, til that motherfucker hit the ceiling
Yup, my bitch sweet like some (?)
And I keep it drilling
Thats a (?) nigga

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