Everything You Want ft. Game

Everything You Want ft. Game Lyrics Tony Jones feat. Game

[Intro: Game]
Double R
MDE - my nigga Tony Jones
Texas boys turn up
Compton niggas gon' ride
Fuck niggas die by theyself
Real niggas die back-to-back

New shoes, got out new canoes
Posted in the VIP, bro, with some new hoes
New car, we got some new dope
Got a couple racks and waitin' on two more
'Cause we got everythin' you want
Everythin' you want...
You want everythin' we got
You want everythin' we got
My nigga, all new watch with the matchin' chain
You said you got it like we got it but it’s not the same

[Verse 1]
Ah, man we got everything' you want, nigga
You get money and everythin', but our pockets bigger
And we live everythin' you wishing' for
So when we talk it’s best you listen, hoe
Your necklace shine, mine glistens, though
You might get some pussy, but you kissin' those
And I know just why you be dissin' for
'Cause we be shinin' like a kitchen floor
We everythin' you not, and we might pull up in that drop
We might pull up in that Range, you can’t judge us, we’re too hot
We don’t never wait in line when we come pull up to that spot
We go straight to VIP and then you see them bottles pop
When you sneak in VIP, man, it’s okay, 'cause you get caught
The bouncer'll throw your punk ass out, you outside in that parkin' lot
You in my section, you don’t know me
You got dough? Y'all gotta show me
'Cause I’m ballin' in the West like Captain Jack, Steve Nash or Kobe


[Verse 2]
I wake up to a million dollars, walk in the illest closet
A million Bijon shirts, I can pop a million collars
I can pop a glock, I can pop a molly
Which is fucked, but every now and then I pop a Stan collar
Catch me in Chives talkin' Brinks trucks with foreigners
Or catch me in the hills, heated up like Chris Dorner
Only thing suicide is these red doors
And if they open, last thing you’re seein' is my Brett Favres
I’m a killer, do my dirt all by my lonely
'Cause I got too much love for my homies
To send 'em to the pen for shit I can do myself
Chopper on the bottom, extendos on the top shelf
I’m a Top Chef in the kitchen, I’m Loch Ness monster
When I'm whippin' 'til ain’t a rock in the pot left
And it's the type of environment that your girl in
Fuck the pussy, she cookin' this dope 'til the world ends


[Verse 3]
I've got bands, all these girls in my section about to dance
We gon' turn it up for real, and yeah, y’all know, dog, in advance
A lot of money and numbers from models, homie, in my pants
If you bump into my mans, it's a problem, you understand?
Man, it’s gon' be a lot of drinkin', plenty fuckin'
Man, if we ain’t ballin' then it's all for nothin'
(If we ain’t ballin' then it's all for nothin')
Y'all bitches comin', you can stop the cuffin'
We everythin' you not, and we might pull up in that drop
We might pull up in that Range
You can’t touch us, we too hot
We be livn', y’all be hurtin'
Dog, I bet you ain’t even know your girl be freakin'
She be squirtin', nigga
You runnin' game and never be workin'
Man, you see these fine-ass broads over here twerkin'?
You want everything we got - we got everything you want
You said you was gon' do somethin', but you won't, nigga

[Hook x2]
Everything You Want ft. Game

San Antonio rapper Tony Jones connected with Game for this single.

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