They Told Me

They Told Me Lyrics Tito Lopez

Mixtape: The Hunger Game

The economy (the economy)

Y'all know what this is
If you don't
This is the hunger game baby
I know it's been a minute
Please excuse my tardiness
But you know that's life as an artist
I had to sit back and collect my thoughts
And get everything together
Feels like we winning though right?
And I came a long way
So ride with me on this one

Living my dream
Oh yeah nigga still thinking y'all the best
Well I guess you live your dream
Out on my own
I'm Stallone, Cocky Balboa
But it's no movie, no winners
Some niggas just lose slower
I proved I'm a fighter, rider
And so poetic
Mo' gave me 23, then 23 but most forget it
That shit don't bother me
I'll probably be dead and burried
Before y'all cross O-P-E-Z
And fill in legendary
But that's in no then
And I feel like my work ain't never done
Mississippi where I'm from
Ain't nothing you can do to me
These white folks ain't already done
Never run, stand firm
Like my feet inside cement
And once that shit begin to dry
I bet you gon' see what I meant
I never drop the ball bitch
New years gotta stall switch
Team behind me, find me on a way
To make us all rich
I play like I'm the greatest
Cause I am
See the ground was shaking
Split like an earthquake hit
Everywhere I stand
I'm the man motherfucker

And they told me that I couldn't do it
I was just on my job they just never knew it
And they told me that I couldn't never be it
I already was, they just couldn't see it
And they told me I ain't had a spirit
This was God's plan, they just ain't wanna hear it
And they told me
They told me (they told me)
They told me (they told me)

[Verse 2]
And when I'm gone
Wait I've been gone
I lost my sanity When they handed me this microphone
And if I got on without asking nobody
For nothing
Why can't you do the same
And quit fronting like
I owe you something
Artist stuck and flossing and talking
Man I hear that too often
Niggas know I've been a threat
Since cassettes and them sony walkmans
Oh you ballin', ye I know it boss
And I bet them kicks you rocking
Is fresh out of the box and
Yet you still your soul is lost
I'm just grinding, feet in dirt
And this paper, I've been worth
And it's my money, I need it now
Pay me that Jay G Wentworth bitch
Nigga I put in work bitch
All y'all just talk about it
Walkin' on water, don't chart it
No boat, or walk around it
I found it, yeah
My voice is what I speak of
And I hope you hear it
Yeah right through your fucking speakers
This shit just feels so good
I just don't wanna stop
The mission clearly is missionary
With me on the top


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