Her Theme Song

Her Theme Song Lyrics TiRon & Ayomari feat. B.J The Chicago Kid

Album: A Sucker For Pumps

[Verse 1]
In she came with the same type game
Don't nobody know her name
But she's stuntin' like she famous
Hair done, nails done, everything did
Even had her own theme song
Body like she probably do Pilates
And her posse just as pretty, you could put that on my city
I can't even think we she come around
Niggas like "What you wanna drink?" when she come around
Chickens like "I can rock it better" when she come around
Look her up and down, hating cause she look astounding
So supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
She my supercalifragilistic-extra-Cali-dope-chick
Look at me, what a lucky motherfucker I am
Can't think of nothing better cause she better than the rest

[Hook - BJ the Chicago Kid]
And if you seen her in the light
You'd swear she's an angel
I just call her my baby, my baby
What we've got's just too strong
Girl, I know we can make it
If we just put our all in it

[Verse 2]
It was like the earth just twisted around her
She shifted the ground, I was like "goddamn!"
Patiently she's waited on, not because she ask for it
Naw, and she ain't nothing like y'all be thinking (Uh-uh)
Baby comparable to diamond jewels, probably got some bomb poon-poon
Got it from her mama too
They say her beauty's only equaled by the love she feels entitled to
Badder than a mother -- sho' 'nuff
A baby badder than them other others
So supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
She's a supercalifragilistic-extra-Cali-dope chick
And I ain't never met a woman badder than her
Believe that, the kind that make you wonder where her wings at


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