Til' Dawn (Here Comes the Sun)

Til' Dawn (Here Comes the Sun) Lyrics The Weeknd

(Verse 1)
I tell myself that I'll take you for the last time
I'll be over you eventually
Time after time you seem to brush me off I understand what we have become
You wash your neck when you leave, now I know your routine
I was in love with your mystery
Now I'll just take what I can get from you, I'm not embarrassed to be what you want me to be

Cause unlike you I've got nothing to hide
I don't pretend to have any shame
I got a box you can put all your lies in until the end of the days

You know that I will be a call away
The call you make when you're all alone
And I know that I will always be the one
You repent when you are done

(Verse 2)
You just want to fill the void now
I can tell that you've been yelling at him all night long
I can hear it in your voice now
He got you smoking extra packs a day
Don't you worry 'bout me talking, I know why you've been coming
I'll be quiet this ain't nothing to me
Just wrap your legs around my waist
I won't stop until you ask me
Don't you worry 'bout us messing up my sheets


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