Land Of Lords

Land Of Lords Lyrics The Underachievers feat. KidSuper

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[Verse 1: AK]
Raised in Flatbush, born in Brooklyn
The Beast Coast with us, catch ghost when flow stutters
Like cobras, soul lift, I stroll the blocks, no chauffeur
Coast to coast the same shit, I'm that focused
Hold up, Brooklyn... how we roll up
Fuck you dumbos tryna blunt smoke with no funds thrown on aromas Sour diesel, higher than my ego
She know, hold a bitch closer than my pesos - you lay, hoe
Bank rolls be my occupation for the moment
Elevated, overthrow the government, you know we on it
Higher minds, fire burnin'
I don't care what you're concerned with
LSD on the DV, check the KD floatin'
I know you peep the steez, golden like I'm chosen
Js leave 'em Z way before the Barclay center opened
You hopin' I crash this plane, never man
I'm in a legendary lane, hitting Janes like Tarzan

[Verse 2: Issa Dash]
Pick it up, where my brother left it off
Herbal strong, sour diesel be the fuel for all my Brooklyn lords
(Brooklyn lords, we smokin' strong, these niggas lame, I'm goin' hard)
Living large, watch out for coppers, you know they makin' noise
Flatbush grown, raid the raw shottas, we Rastafari Boys
Jah Jah knows, been out the matrix since like a snotty nose
Switchin' flows like a Brooklyn nigga, only supposed to, though
I count my pesos and let my brain grow
Watch out for my angels 'cause they stealin' halos
Know how to hate, though
It's 'cause we clean on the block, livin' dreams 'round the clock
Keep the weed 'round my team so we lean in the spot
The Beast Coast we better than most folks
And no hope for niggas that be testin' our brain growth, you'll get smoked
Like my herbal shuttle, brought to the sun child
Can't walk a mile in my shoes cause we run in Brooklyn, you get it? We bringin' change, motherfuck your damn fame
I don't need your damn approval, got to clear my name
You niggas fuckin' students, we the masters of this game
So take a seat nigga, and let a God teach nigga
Don't wanna pro preach with ya, but watch out for soul killers
Elevate your mind and don't listen to no sinners

[Verse 3: AK]
No sinners, no friend of me
Spray em, they all enemies
I grip your life, don't get to grip, just fist fight
Knuckle up, fuck happen' and scrappin'
Niggas ain't tough enough for the bus to...
Then show a brother love, that's why you can't fuck with us
Ah, I remember them hoop dreams
Thought I was the one like high king
Jump shot me, 'til a nigga hit a pot steam
Then a nigga drop rock like a fiend
That two train, till the last stop that man block
Man shots, 10 pun the way to the pop-pop what a blood clot
(Hey, Tan Boys, World's Fair, Zombies, Pro Era, A$AP,
New York, New York, that's where it’s at, where it’s at)

[Verse 4: Issa]
We the new New York, better protect your neck
When you're looking at the god, take another step back
Cause we soaring, while niggas just boring, see me touring
A nigga been chosen to elevate most men, 'til we go then
And count my cheddar, that's of course
Cause my bitch she wants a horse
But I mind just say for fuck it and go cop that shit call Porsche
My mama want a crib, I said my motherfucker called
You the razor-fuckin' image of...
The cause is paid, 'til we said squeeze lemonades
Flatbush, Brooklyn, where the fuck I'm gonna stay?
And I be chillin' with my villains climbin' on the fuckin millions
And blowin on the loud 'til a nigga touch the ceiling, uh huh

That's the end of the song...
And nigga know me can do no wrong...
Body and tracks, division the back of the Cadillac...
Now you know all this shit...
Land Of Lords

A track/visual from The Underachievers, which also served as a look book for KidSuper’s ICONIC 2013 clothing line.

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