Murder Death Kill ft. Jay Electronica

Murder Death Kill ft. Jay Electronica Lyrics The Bullitts

Killing someone is... is difficult
Lying about it afterward is the easy part

[Verse 1]
Listen love, what to do?
It's in your masochistic hue
I convey a point of view
I can feel you thinking too
Holy Bible raised in hand
Truth be told, I love that man
Breathing hard, smoking gun
Easy rider, midnight run

I, I, I, I... felt you, loving you
I, I, I, I... felt you, loving you
I, I, I, I... felt you, loving you
And love...
Is murder, death, kill
Murder, death kill

[Verse 2]
Young captain, pick your crime
I prefer the sands of time
Aging hands with hour glass
May predict the bull run fast
What was comfort, now is pain
Shower constant desert rain
May your god and may your shrine
Bless these pieces in heaven's eyes


[Verse 3: Jay Electronica]
From Bourbon to Bexhill - it's murder, death, kill
The Earth is like a ferris wheel, we all just sit still
Satan's drill, oil spilled all into my gills
What a world, what a world we leave for the children to rebuild
But that's another time, another project
Another budget, another rhyme, another purpose
Another circus, another clown car, another mind
On the other line, I heard a voice that cried as if I hurt her soul
The decision cut across my throat between my ears, was surgical
From 90 degrees vertical, to a 180 flatline
From all these and those, I just wish I could take back that time
You know the one
Where you did the thing, and you know you shouldn't of done that
The pain was like a boomerang that karma always brung back
A woman scorned is a page torn, a bridge burned, et cetera
A picture's worth a thousand words, so welcome to the cinema
In the words of Rex Mills:
"The cemetery of love is filled with murder, death, kill"

[Hook x3]
Murder Death Kill ft. Jay Electronica

Jay Electronica's verse from The Bullitts' 2013 single "Murder Death Kill."

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