Pittsburgh Lyrics Terrace Martin feat. Tone Trezure,Wiz Khalifa

[Verse 1: Wiz khalifa]
Yeah, this's for the 412
All the rhyming, all the grinding, all the time I do it all for you
Cause you raised me, never played me
And when a nigga needed money, you paid me
Mixture with Jamaican crazy, you make me
Niggas been tell me not to fuck with you lately
But I can't see
The day I ever turn my back on where I'm from, there might be some but that ain't me
I love you to death, though at times you get crazy
I ain't gonna lie, sometimes it feels like you hate me
But don't get it fucked up, I know that this's tough luck
And true appreciation's what you don't get enough of
And you can trust, that I put nothing above you
Scream out your name so I'll make everyone love you
As much as I love you, it shouldn't surprise you
I rep where I'm from nigga, you know how I do
I'm from Pittsburgh

[Hook: Tone Trezure]
The street lights, keep calling
I can see the mirrors falling
In front on my face I see him
Reaching out for me
The wind blows, so subtle
This is in my streets like chatter
If I don't take this chance, they might not come around again

[Wiz khalifa]
Yeah, a lot of new blood in you, but you got an old soul
The summer you hot, in the winter you so cold
And most people don't know, that you got a star
When I be on the road, they ask me who you are
Never seen you before, but I'm letting them know though
I didn't mean to leave you out and getting that show dough
And I always come back to you put my soul in this music when I rap to you
Bleed the track for you
Yeah, you got a habit of making the young nigga's dream
Take a look at all he got in one bigger thing
For you I'd give anything
And it's a shame to say, that sometimes you don't feel the same way
But everything's still everything
I'm just grinding for a time where my city see better days
And I swear we'll never separate
Everywhere I go, I let them know
I'm from Pittsburgh


Here's the story behind this unreleased song: "At the time Terrace and Wiz were both signed to Warner Brothers and the label put them up at the Record Plant for a month. During that time Wiz expressed a song on his heart that captured the passion he felt for his hometown, so Terrace sat on the piano and got busy. All of the music on “Pittsburgh” is live and nostalgic. There are no drum machines and was recorded on all vintage gear…including a 1964 Telefunken microphone."

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