Slave Lyrics Tech N9ne feat. Kris Kaliko,Kutt Calhoun

Album: Welcome To Strangeland

[Intro: Tech N9ne]
Fight the pain, inside the rain
A rebel know, to let the devil go
So now to get paid, about to be working like a slave

[Verse 1: Krizz Kaliko]
I’m kinda good, kinda bad, kinda get money can’t be mad
I’m kinda broke but I’m kinda rich
Wishin’ I had a corner I could put a bitch in
Ain’t gonn(a) do nothin’, ain’t like I’m sufferin’
Food for my baby mouth and I bought a house for my baby mother and
What’s wrong? I try
Don’t matter. Still die
I’m strong. But I’m not
When I’m alone. I cry
Out for you, is hard to do. I can’t see you, so doubt for you
And out my mouth I sprout the noose, too much Vodka, and Mountain Dew
Blasphemin' ain’t what I be meanin’. If you listen fast you’d think I was a heathen, but
The last Sunday receivin’ the preachin' from the pastor, and I Ain’t even believin’ the bastard
But no Hades', God’s baby, God made me, a lil crazy
When I’m off, I’m gone, my life, is my songs
Its what I mean? When I sing, "still on a wing and a prayer."
But if I listen to what was written in the scripture maybe it’ll get me there
Share with the people I swear it isn’t evil, scared that It might be in vain
But if I say I’m the genius, and like Jesus, everybody gonna know my name

[Hook: Krizz Kaliko]
I’ve been working like a slave, oh Lordy
And I get tired a‘long this lonesome journey
I done stumbled on the road, I’ve been wrong I know
I know that there’s no peace, in my shelter

[Verse 2: Kutt Callhoun]
OH, Lord, Lord, Lord
I need reparations due to devastations from the state of present situations
And it’s not easy to walk a narrow path and mock Jesus
It’s hard when you’re family wonderin’ when you’re gonna make enough to stop leavin’
Stop breathin for a minute cause it’s all, artificial when them laws, tryna get you
When them haters right behind em, wanna shove a double barrel sawed off, in your dental
What can I do to stop a big catastrophe when niggas after me and bitches after me
Wanna have my baby, missin nagga’s lately, trails and tribulations tackle me
My momma think I made it, she feelin’ elated; proud of her only son born
My kids think I’m the greatest, I can not display a smile, feelin like a funion
Salty and all
(You’ll be..)
Locked in a stall
Lost in the cause
(truly.. denyin’.)
Ain’t nobody gonna do it for me, for the M.O.,don't let it drive me insane
Solicitation of a prostitute cause you're a ho’ when you’re playin this game
But it’s ok I’ am go(n) ride till I triumph. Cause everybody once upon a time was a slave
This is Calhoun


[Verse 3: Tech n9ne]
I work. I Play. And I drink booze every day
Tryin ta muffle the blues I'mma say, used in the way, fools run astray
Allah, God, Jesus, Jah somebody please help me
Momma got a problem with diabetes it don’t seem healthy
Everything depends on N9na
Fame hitten Dontez’s senior
Gotta nigga thinkin some of the fans I’m maken it will they wanna do me like Selena
Devil laughing like a hyena
Losin all the good in my demeanor
I don’t wanna go psycho but yo the flow ya know I got to go and Charlie sheen ya’
Tryina stay good with the old lady
My mind made her go crazy
No time for my poor babies
So don’t let a mother fucker play me
When I say FU pay me
Even though I’m getting money, you can still see I’m hungry like I’m in Haiti
What am I to do?
What am I to you?
Butt alott I'm cool
But I’m not amused?
Can’t you see? I’m stressed, not free
From y’all, I’m sick. My body’s hot
If 'n this pressure, don’t let up, this will prolly stop for Tech N9na


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