Make A Killing

Make A Killing Lyrics Talent Couture feat. XV

Wiggidy wake up bitch I'm biggidy back
Block on the street no giggidy gat
Hat to the back drinking Cris/Kris with a cross/Kross on my chest like the miggidy miggidy mack
Miller Lite on ice is how we did those summer nights
I know my rights just might get read, but I say "fuck it" and run those lights
Why not?
24/7 making cake like Ihop
I'm on these niggas heels they ain't even on my high socks
Me and Couture with two whores up in the skybox
Tell that nigga Philly, come and shoot us like NY cops
Shall I continue with my menus filled with rappers
And the venues filled with squares who smoke squares and got mad swagger
So I'm steadily getting booked
You barely getting a chapter
I'm lamb to lamb to lamb going H.A.M. just cause I have to
Shawty making it clap up even though ? would have been faster
And what she offering? She can't tell that to her pastor
Got some cheese and got some head now Talent think I'm a Packer
Murdering all these tracks so you know just what I'm after

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