Sonja Blade Freestyle

Sonja Blade Freestyle Lyrics Sway feat. King Tech,Sonja Blade

Album: This or That

Shorty, she'll remove your ears

[Sonja Blade]
Check it out yo
Uhh, Sonja Blade
Uhh, Redrum N.Y.C
Check it out (chop em)
Check it out (chop em)
Check it out (chop em)
Uhh, yo

It's all over when I spit my words
I make it dark like an eclipse occurred
When me and my click emerge
I flip you birds
Not a gravedigga but I get your ish reserved
Just know that the chick's disturbed
I spit superb, so ill, and so real
While you no frills with no dea I hold steel
And if I don't kill you, bet the flows will
For my brothers that ain't here I'm lettin the Mo' spill
Briefcases of dough, like a coke deal
Uncut verses, nuttin but dope skills
Can't fill my shoes, it's beyond complicated
Gats confiscated, you sat and - concentrated
??, I'm the ish you constipated
I slaughter y'all cause y'all watered down and concentrated
What, uhh

I told you, I told you

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