Where The Angels Sleep

Where The Angels Sleep Lyrics Styles P

Jah be like a long cloth to my feet
Guide and protect me when things get deep
Even though the streets full of heat
Still I gotta make ends meet
Jah be like a long cloth to my feet
Guide and protect me when things get deep
I pray that my soul you keep
Cause me wa fi to dwell where the angel's sleep

[Verse 1: Styles P]
Life is getting way too deep when I die
I wanna go where the angels sleep
Yeah I'm outside trying to make ends meet my meds
Ten deep and a range of best jeeps
Room 2, niggers is shoot you, it's crucial
Ain't Marley Mar but am part of the Druice crew
Brass in the bark of the dutch, and the deuce deuce
Spit on a nuke to get loot, I'm the shit lou
Shit is a dog like pitbull, a shih tzu
Right arm up in a fist getting clenched too
Give them an inch and them niggers will take a mile
Fall to they style and them niggers will try to style on
But not me nigger, Amma Cafie nigger, can't pop me nigger
I always come with a good plan
And if that don't work, I switch out to the hood plan


[Verse 2: Styles P]
God is protection, X is intersection
Trunk full of weed in the chevy, pulled in a Wesson
Fire will burn but we never would learn a lesson
Till the cell door close, move more keys
Till we sell more hoes, and bag more friends
We ain't wanna be criminals, we have more plans
But it ain't planned out, it's rocks in this pot
That I gotta hand out as soon as they fan out
That's the old days, this the new days
Now it's Salvia, kush, lemon and Poo day
High def, Wi-Fi, clear as Blu-ray
But still old school like the handy antenna
You could play with the fan or bang your bandana
Ask me to go sir, ask me the most
Lyrical motherfucker in the game no jokes
.45 will leave your ass hot, no smoke


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