Thirsty Lyrics Starting six

[Intro: Big Steve and Nic Nac]

Ya, Starting Six on your bitch
Aye! She thirsty! Aye aye!
Yo, Yo, Big Steve, Big Steve, Big Steve, Big Steve!

[Verse 1: Big Steve]
It's Big Steve so ya better be easy
I'm with Nic Nac gettin' green like a kiwi
I'm on your bitch and she know how I do things
Doin the speed limit, stain settled in the fast lane

[Verse 2: Nic Nac]
It's Nic Nac bitch
Whatchu drinkin' ho?
You already know how me and Big Steve go
And we settled in the club with the bruhs
Aye yo Big Steve tell these hoes what's up!

[Verse 3: Big Steve]
Aye, and we gone off that dank
You thirsty baby girl? Well lemme buy you a drank
Hit the dance floor and lemme watch how it shake
I'm hungry right now, and I'm tryna get a taste

[Verse 4: Nic Nac]
But wait, put that thang on my lap
I like how your booty clap, move that thang to the back
Na girl, you a little too dirty
C'mon all you hoes, cuz I know you thirsty

[Hook: Nic Nac and Big Steve]
Aye and we pouring it up
Poppin bottles in the club and they know that it's us
Starting Six on your bitch and she's thirsty for us
Starting Six on your bitch and she's thirsty for us
Yo bitch is thirsty(Yeah we gettin thirsty thirsty)
Yo bitch is thirsty(Yeah we gettin thirsty thirsty)

[Verse 5: Rye Bread]
She lookin thirsty but trust I could quench that
She need mixed drinks, goose, and some Jackie Chan
Pullin' models, poppin' bottles, gettin' throttled in the club
Drinkin' plenty of that Henny, now ya boys is goin' dumb
Bumpin' our new shit, yall should just lose it
Act real wild, real dumb, real stupid
Act real foolish, this is how I view it
Yall gonna love it cuz it's Starting Six music!

[Verse 6: Fess]
Hold on, no time to rest
You're at your best when you're with ya boy Young Fess
The way you shake and bring it right back
Girl, you're makin' it obvious
Yes, I'm a kinda fly white guy
5'10" build, not like that guy
That's why, don't ask why
Everytime you thirsty you gonna choose Fessy! Aye!


[Verse 7: Goose]
Walk in the club Starting Six gets it cracking
Ladies choosin' us like a fatal attraction
Pourin bottles of that goose cuz I know your girl thirsty
Can't help but think that she wants to get dirty
Now I'm pretty geeked, but I'm in the mood
Boutta whisper in her ear, tell her how I do
And I can't be stopped cuz my swag's on point
Young Goose makin moves all up in this joint. Aye!

[Verse 8: Riggs]
Riggy Riggs, pour it up with the bruhs
Girls got they hands out soon as we hit the club
I'm the thirst quencher, ladies call me Gatorade
Buyin out the bar, everybody knows I'm hella paid
Chose one, got a room in the VIP
We hella gone and she can't keep her hands off me
Mama want it, I can see it in her eyes
I'm not the Golden Arches but I got that super size


Yo bitch is thirsty x4


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