Midnight Satori

Midnight Satori Lyrics Stalley

Black Chevelle on dem blades boy
Dark shades leather jacket like I'm Blade boy
Chopping thru my city like what's the focus boy
I come thru wit open doors
6 by 9's thru these door panels make a bunch a noise
I'm mobbing on these back streets and city blocks
Middle finger to every cop
Chevy block engines, everything is heavy stocked
I'm in my sweat pants, the car dancing
I make that bitch do the wop
Mannn, I'm losing my religion
Got these angels on my shoulders and they telling me to listen
I just blast this Alpine and get lost in my system
They telling me it's devil music and demons have imprisoned
My mind body and soul and I'm traveling down Hell's road
And I just left skid row, this strap got no Velcro
So I'm down for whatever, whenever, wherever
Anyway to the hell I go, you think I'm scared, here's your answer
Hell no

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