Harsh Ave

Harsh Ave Lyrics Stalley

Am From Where The Retched Souls Mingle
Dope House Jumping, Junkies Fightin' For A Single
Cops Always Rollin' Up, Cos Ounces We Be Rollin' Up
Shooting Dice With Choppers Hub
Jade Niggas We Be Holding Up
Right In front That Green Canasta
Underneath Thousand Cameras
For We Was Famished,Never Mind Who Was Watching Us
Careless With Our Actions
York-view Apartments Packed Then
I'll Spend Right And Then Out Hustle It Of
Supply It Too Way Hard
And Soft For My Options, When I Hit The Strips
Different Types Of Finns Outchea They All Need A Fix
The Uppers And The Downers, They Haters All Around Us
I Feel 'Em When They Come To Me To Drawn Out
Attention From These Cowards
Between Dirt Roads And Filth With Flowers
I Sit And Dream For Hours
Same Mind State Is The Mental To
To Got A Couple Of Screws Loose
Saw 'Em Riding Bad Tyres
Still Howling Out All Notes On Blast
Easter Pink And A Flash
Mid West Nigga Ask About How We Conduct Ish
Chevy Fully Dressed With The Black Lips
Max Spin, If They Run Make Em Back Flip
We Thrive Of The Classics
So Be Careful Down Ma Memory Lane
A Lot Of Memory Stained
The Seamen Of The South East Side
Until Rain Falls And Push It All To The Side
Word To Momma Won't Let Ma Memories Die
Milk Town Am Down To Ride
As I Introduce Myself One Last Time

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