No Evidence

No Evidence Lyrics SpaceGhostPurrp

Throw it out the window, no evidence
It's all about knowledge body counting dead presidents (4x)

Throw it out the window (no evidence, no evidence, no evidence)
Throw it out the window (no evidence, it's all about knowledge dead presidents) (2x)

Feel what I'm talking 'bout
Keep up with my mind
Keep up with my mind (4x)

[Verse 1]
It's the mack daddy, mister player, coming through with three
Raider player niggas that be putting on my team
Slim Jim baby I'm a skinny nigga too
Jim is the [?], lifting cash is the weight too
Tunnel after tunnel walking finding destiny
I'm a child with the mild, spicy recipe
Back in '98 had the gold frame most hated
Elementary school to me was a joke
Provoked, something to influence by the ring leader
Make her run with my back like Derek Jeter
Reaper black hoody looking like a fly creeper
Mystical bass vibrating like a beeper
Off in your ear don't fear baby here
Put your hand in my hand, and get up out of here
I'm weird, it ain't hard to see yeah I know it
My mind is hella freak and I ain't scared to show it


[Verse 2]
[?] politician you would never ever get in
Faggot ass Hypebeast will never ever fit in
Get it, how you fucking live like a rebel
Power over basic minds, you just a pebble
Travel, turned up perfect with the bass
Listen to the weight it blows right through your face
Win, now I shall begin
Start a raging storm with the Phonk from within
Again and again, this is how we do it
Not Montell Jordan, Money Jordan Luther stupid
I do this, for my Raider niggas who've been through it
Fucking with these bitches, stay away from the cutest
Who this calling on my phone? Miss Jones
A sassy college teacher that I met [?] to bone
I'm grown, fuck a friend I'd rather be alone
I'm better off having an orgy waking up with shows


[Verse 3]
One last verse and I won't try to curse
Let me maintain my brain fuck it I just got worse
I need to be deep just because I am a
Walking rapping drugged poisonous [?]
I'm like diner when I be all up in her stomach
The lyrical disease made you bleed then vomit
Atomic bass zooming in like Sonic
Up in Seattle, too phonkey like chronic
Bang bang bang, pop pop, [?]
I'm all about decession and profession, fuck a cop
I'm not a fake thug cause they be lollipops
[?] still get fucked while they make their cherry pop
Stop the bullshit, faking up the Phonk
Gorillas in my city, they be stinking in the trunk
Drunk, off Hennessy is a [?]
Living life to the fullest, you will die before you blink


Throw it out the window, no evidence
It's all about knowledge body counting dead presidents (4x)

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