Black Money World

Black Money World Lyrics SpaceGhostPurrp

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She like the way I talk that shit
She like the way I hit that shit
Black money world we gonna be rich

[Verse 1]
I don't know what they talking about
I speak presidential
Comin in yo residential
Neighborhood it ain't no rental
Purple got me feeling
Bitch I'm from the South so that trill shit is easy
Believe me...
Your girl love my accent
Can I be yo main bitch that's what yo bitch be asking
I'm laughing cause these bitches be choosing
And they niggas be salty cause them niggas be losing
I'm cooling we go two times he smoking all the time
And my bitch fine my nigga I do this
Yo bitch going down I'mma king with the crown
I rep uptown my nigga that's New Orleans, locka, CC, inner city
That uptown no joke and my niggas fucking with me
So if you don't know why your girl left you
Step yo fucking game up cuz she fuckin with the crew


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