Takeover Freestyle

Takeover Freestyle Lyrics Soulja Boy


When it comes to my flow its concrete My crew is so deep we will creep and
Hit ya man squeez I blam blam the damn 9 Your girl is damn fine she damn
Mine on my damn time, Yeah All black I'm riding the fucking beat like
Your girl when she be riding the D Yeah she a freak, Huh I hit the
Block ya kno it you got the kush bitch roll it it's SOD patrolling
Red and blue diamonds ya ho Tell the hood that im better im ice
Out in selection and my flow is incredible all the girls say im edible
Looking saying Soulja you are a beast, of course and I dip of in
The Pourshe her pussy moist they love my voice, my vocals are
Taking over it's Soulja, bitch I done told im here Dj Woogie
We Here I told him he disrespect my click I bust his cerebellum
Nigga you's a snake lower than a snakes belly botton soulja im
The shit cousin we are not no family Blood you see me in the
Steets my money rained to fill it up yes, I took over it what
Ever he got I got it I got so much Knowledge you better eat ya
Collard, Greens im in between ya man squeez the damn breeze in
My damn fees is so over I spit the damn heat that can light up
Alaska, ask them condos with the big ass plasmas flashing one
Hit wonder I think not im laughing to the damn bank with all
That guap and all that stops when I block and pop up here listen
Up and pay attention S -Bz's here and this my year Na this my
Mellineum I got em Soulja Boy Tell Em' That the name on my
Colladids I sit back if a nigga disrespect then he diseased
RIP rest in peace nobodys at the funeral aiming who ever
Wanted who ever want it I got I dont want it from them ballin'
Im hollerin SOD fip the script and run circle around you niggas
I lay back you niggas better lay back and be cool sahn ya think
Ya hot well come let me cool ya flames off the ripture reading
Off the scripture everywhere I go thats a million dollar picture
Seen the ree store think ya and my team is so opsotlete we on
Point check the guidelines haters listen here
Im here haters dispear choopas to your ear

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