Pretty Boy Swag

Pretty Boy Swag Lyrics Soulja Boy

Album: The DeAndre Way

G5 Kids! Soulja (Soulja)
All the pretty girls stand up
(Pretty boys in the building)

This, right here, is my, swag
All, the girls, are on me, damn
Every, body, pay, attention
This, right here, is my pretty boy swag
Girls on my dick when I pretty boy swag
Girls scream my name when I pretty boy swag
Watch me, pretty boy swag, pretty boy swag

[Verse 1]
Get out the way! Pretty boy comin thru
Me and my crew, we swaggin in the room
Girls on me heavy cause I look so sexy
Yellow diamond shawty, in the club straight flexin
I'm lookin for a yellow bone long-haired star
Thick, in the hips come, get in my car
You party with a star, we take off and go to Mars
Pretty boy take off in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1


[Verse 2]
I'm pretty, boy swaggin, in the club I feel sexy (No homo)
No homo shawty, but my chest is straight flexin
Tatted on my neck, shawty said she choose me
She got nice titties and a fat ass booty
Took her to my condo, let the girl strip
Then she got naked then she pretty girl dipped
Damn I like the way, lil' mama shake that ass
She pretty girl, dancin while I pretty boy swag, goddamn


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