The Hood

The Hood Lyrics Snoop Dogg

Mixtape: That's My Work Vol. 1


The hood, the hood, the hood
We do this every day, oh yeah we do this for the hood
The hood, the hood, the hood, the hood,
We do this every day, oh yeah we do this for the hood

Everything I do is for the hood
I’ll probably never leave from my hood, my hood (Eastside, Westside, Southside, Northside)
I get a lot of love in the hood, the hood (put your motherfuckin’ hoods up in the air)
That’s why I represent for my hood, my hood (represent)

[Verse 1]

No matter how much money that I got
My home sweet home’s right here on the block
B-side counting all this gwap, this is all a nigga got
Watching for them haters and them fakers and them traitors
Catch me on the other side, with all the money makers
Shout out to my home girl, hustling like us niggas do
Shooting dice and pimping few, doing what them bitches do
Surviving, tying the knot, keep my chucks laced
Eastside since I tripped and fell and I stumbled on some papes
See I’m hood rich with a hood bitch, you know all that hood shit
Pull up and I and pull fast, back up on your ass quick
Worldwide, hood at your confrontation
Niggas blasting motivation, niggas flashing
Get money, yeah that’s what happening


I’m proud of the pills, purp, paper, the pussy poppin’
Bitches in short skirts keeping the club rockin’
Life on the block, drop tops and old schools
Fights in the club, niggas bust when they lose

Everything I do is for the hood (is for the hood)
I’ll probably never leave from my hood (it’s for the hood)
I get a lot of love in the hood (worldwide)
That’s why I represent for the hood, hood

[Verse 2]

Hey yo, it’s closing weather, wet, rainin’ here
You know I’m from the hood, yeah I don’t care
Rollin’ in a new, new, can it be
Regardless, partners gon’ keep it G
That’s a burst life, I can adapt too
House full of niggas like a trap, dude
Do know its’ real shit, baby this ain’t no ad, fool
Rollin’ in that old school, runnin’ in the new school
Smokin’ some weed, yeah, rollin’ with the 2-2
DPGC, that’s my crew, tell me what the fuck would you do?
No busters, no marks, have money, have heart
We scarce in the day time, but we vicious at dark
On your mark, get set, go, start
Dip to where it is, have money, fuck friends
All day we get it in, you see we here in the street
Can’t stand for defeat, in jail or a nigga 6 feet deep
Shout out to OGs, BGs and YGs


[Verse 3]

You know I climbed from the bottom, yeah I made it out the hood
Got them goons popping at you, just to make it understood
You can’t claim COB without being up in the street
Grow up in the trenches, yeah maneuver all throughout the streets
At a certain time of night, clutching on that heat
For them gangster pimps and buster ass niggas on the street
In the hood it’s certainly good, just for that I’m up on the block
We cannot ever leave this spot, because we serve them rocks
I’mma go see the strippers, see who the big tipper
Fuck the VIP, I’m in the front with my niggas
Make it rain on some bitches, yeah we parking lot pimpin’
Couple niggas I out here tripping, that’s the life that I’m living,
Cause I’m…


Shout out to everybody from the hood
No matter what color you are
You dig?

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