Radio Silence

Radio Silence Lyrics   Snake Hollywood

I need radio silence
This noise is killin' my high and I'm 'bout to resort to violence
Killin' my vibe, and I'm 'bout to shut off this nonsense
I need radio silence, too many niggas lyin'
It's preposterous...
Got a flow that'll shatter niggas' consciousnesses
I need ya radio silenced
So I can listen to these voices trapped in my head, nigga

[Verse 1]
Dead niggas lyrics still ringin' off
Frank White and the late Makaveli's thoughts
Of a killer, my instincts are primal
Homicide, speak through the needle, scratchin' the vinyl
97.1 Megahertz
I recently stopped makin' adjustments to my Frequency Modulation
'Cause shit all sounds the same
Full closure, bulldozin' the lames out the way, we 'bout to plow the lane
When you lyrical, they try to say you retro
The interference from critics got all the spitters lookin' for gimmicks
Siftin' through every rack in the kitchen for trap rhythms
That and passionate raps for the women, but...
Fuck nigga, my language is anguish
Pain, sufferin' and rage mixed - do the math, its triggernomic
Grandaddy exotic leaf from out the street
Please pray with me, father


[Verse 2]
They want me to go Pop but I won't pop
I'll throw rocks at the glass house and the dope spots
The Rocky Balboa, the Manny Paquio of this shit
Tappin' the ground with Noah's walkin' stick
My high school equivalency
Kept me dodgin' the potholes and the penitentiary
And I'll be damned if I dumb it down
My catalogue is camouflaged for war
Catch my drift when I come around
Ya favorite rappers act a fool, but they know
I'm independent, but I got them shooters on my payroll
Ya favorite rappers act a fool, but they know how Snake go
I rap a scripture to snatch a soul through a halo
Lyrical monstrosity, the verbally abstract, Heisenberg in the black hat
Cover my body, my spirit travel the road of a sinner
Heaven's my home and keep me sheltered from cold


[Verse 3]
Voices in my head speaking Indo-European
I never understood 'em thats why I won't repeat it
Mind travelin', .9 straddlin' the waist
God's grace, obfuscate my adversaries' hate 'till they CHOKE
Ab-Soul, when you talkin' to the Hoff
Please have respect like you talkin' to ya boss
No subtweets or indirects, you my mans, homie
But I've been known to eat my kids like a Sand Goby
Hold me close, rest your head inside my bosom
These rhymes righteous, everlastin' paradise to a Muslim
Hell to a sinner, church to a priest...
Remorse for a dying enemy, circle complete
I need that radio muted, my pain's fueled
By the drums and the high hats knockin that gangsta music
Lyrically quite the conundrum
A shallow nigga can't stomach this parodox
But I pass on my condolences, fuckers

Radio Silence

An intense November 2013 single from Brooklyn spitter Snake Hollywood, from his album "My Condolences: Addendum".

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